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Teasing the Writer

It can be seen by the lengthy distance between the dates for each blog post, the writer that creatively tells stories that inspire has been lost in the quagmire. Okay, so bad pun! I gotta play with what I got and get the juices flowing again! Of course, with the fingers off the keyboard, the mind was dancing with many turns of phrases that told a story. Laptop not ready, clumsy fingers on a tiny […]

Random Thoughts | Life Possibility | Curious Discovers More

Originally uploaded by andrewlee1967 If you are so caught up in your intellect and what is and has been defined, how will you ever discover more? If you are so stuck on your judgements and beliefs about what is real and what is not, how will you ever discover what is unreal? If you are only flesh and blood, consisting of mind, body, and emotions, how will you ever experience the richness and possibility of […]

Gates of Perspective

How you look at things determines what you see. Difficult experiences cast a shadow upon the lens of the soul, as many express the limiting perspectives these experiences create. Recognizing and making choices to push beyond a limiting perspective yields enormous potential. The challenge I’m finding now is combining head and heart without burning out.

Purpose | Answers | Understanding

A lot of people want to know how to do things. Search the Internet, read blogs, and there are a million of items telling you formula for this, for that, and everything in between. I’m a different sort of fish though. I want to understand. The problem with wanting to understand is that it is a never-ending story. “So how does this work?” Well this goes here and does that causing that thing to go […]

You are the Sun | You are the Solar System | You are God

Some people I know are very hung up on the importance of the human race. As I listen, thoughts of time since the beginning of existence, the multiple lives and deaths of the planet earth, all life upon her, and her rebirth with newly evolved life that one day will likely all be completely obliterated from our point-of-view as the Sun that gives us life destroys itself at some time in the long-distant future. Emotional […]

The Stuart Davis Show – Episode 12 – A Foothill in the Mouth

The Stuart Davis Show – Episode 12 – A Foothill in the Mouth This is the most intelligent bit of dialogue intended to enlighten and empower with a challenge to let it all go. You’ll see, you’ll be irked, you’ll laugh, and you’ll understand something. 🙂 I really liked it.

Eeyore Rules, Piglet, Pooh, and Roo too!

I had the rare privilege to catch a beautiful prize. We puzzle, observe, tweak, and tune in an effort to lure that mother into sight. Ah, but she is elusive, slippery, clever, and sly as she dances in and out from the shadows. Not tonight though, no! She bathed there in the moonlight, clear as the stars. As clarity and focus regained from surprise, I took in her vision. There the stark contrast between two […]

Poetry | Dichotomous Truth

Refined ignorant masses of sexual beasts Controlled existence to behave civilized Locked in the prison of every mind The fantasies of truth subverting lives Questions of insanity always abound Creating chaotic confusion in doubt The facade growing heavier with time Weight collapsing as cracks crumble Unable to withstand the growing appetite Left untended deep within the mind The body agonized in unmet satisfaction Suppressed too long trying to be civilized The confusing array of fantasy […]

Fickle Fiend Tricks Inspiration

Days like yesterday and the few before are amazing, inspiring, and wonderful. So many sparks of creativity feeding words and ideas to explore. Turning a phrase, having a laugh, excited about insights, and always learning and creating simultaneously. This morning I sit here wanting terribly to remember some of those pearls, those delightful gems, to satisfy myself with my connection to some knowledge, wisdom, or creativity that makes me feel excited to be alive. It […]