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Teasing the Writer

It can be seen by the lengthy distance between the dates for each blog post, the writer that creatively tells stories that inspire has been lost in the quagmire. Okay, so bad pun! I gotta play with what I got and get the juices flowing again!

Of course, with the fingers off the keyboard, the mind was dancing with many turns of phrases that told a story. Laptop not ready, clumsy fingers on a tiny keyboard, and no notepad in sight. What was it? I can’t help but wonder.

Nonetheless, with the keys finding their way through the telling of this moment, a lesson is learned about inspiration, regaining a foothold on what seemed a slippery surface, and letting the moment carry you through it. There is always good to come from everything if you can let go and flow with the moment.

A writer has to write, and even when the mind tricks us into believing nothing good will happen, the fingers will tell an entirely different story. That’s flowing!

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