Fickle Fiend Tricks Inspiration

Days like yesterday and the few before are amazing, inspiring, and wonderful. So many sparks of creativity feeding words and ideas to explore. Turning a phrase, having a laugh, excited about insights, and always learning and creating simultaneously.

This morning I sit here wanting terribly to remember some of those pearls, those delightful gems, to satisfy myself with my connection to some knowledge, wisdom, or creativity that makes me feel excited to be alive. It even makes me feel special.

Alas, I neglected my muse and she is sulking in the corner like my cat after I come home from a trip away. So is the muse a fickle fiend that will trick inspiration? Let’s not say it is so and it may then not be or come true. Let’s say that this was just ‘one-of-those-days’ and the stimulation for the day just hasn’t arrived. Let’s say that there is no fickle-fiend.

Even so, maybe it is time to carry a piece of paper and pen to jot down those little wonders. And if I can speak the ideas aloud without losing the thought, then maybe a voice recorder. The only remaining problem, as I see it, is the spontaneous creativity that requires my computer, camera, or internet access.

I know I don’t want to be wired to big-brother, and yet, gosh, I’d love to have a few gadgets installed. 😉






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