You are the Sun | You are the Solar System | You are God

Some people I know are very hung up on the importance of the human race. As I listen, thoughts of time since the beginning of existence, the multiple lives and deaths of the planet earth, all life upon her, and her rebirth with newly evolved life that one day will likely all be completely obliterated from our point-of-view as the Sun that gives us life destroys itself at some time in the long-distant future.

Emotional Intelligence triggered these thoughts. The link to Spiritual Intelligence. No one knows what that really means and everyone has made it mean their own thing. I will stand today and challenge everyone on that. Spirituality is not a belief in something, it is the pursuit of Truth and Understanding. In that same vein that life is not a destination, it is a journey, so is the Spiritual path.

Upon our world we literally bastardize every opportunity for enlightenment. I won’t get into why. I want to share a beautiful abstract thought of existence that popped into my head as these spontaneous points collided in that sheer moment. Quite remarkable.

We are children, all of us, no matter our age. Young, old, and everything in between are mere babes in Mother Cosmic’s arms. Our brielf blink of an eye will end, and something new and more beautiful will evelve. This is the nature of God, the Universe, Life Itself, Loging to Expand in Consciousness, Awareness, and who knows what. And the coolest part is we’re all a part of it.

If you’ve ever seen a time-travel movie, this stop in the human plane is a beginning on an even bigger journey. As the legends of bible suggest being seated at the right hand of god, at the suggestion of life-after-death by various traditions and belief systems, and by the abstract understanding of the cosmos itself, it is all true.

Life is a source of energy, of power. You are one such source. Also, the earth, me, other beings, entities, and so on. Each represents a life force that continues. Maybe they evolve, maybe there are joining of forces, maybe, maybe, maybe. But in essence, the reap what you sow pertains to the energy of the physical body while here on this earth.

Reap and sow love, you may become the Sun giving life to a Solar System. Reap and sow commerce, you may become a planet sustaining an ecosystem rich with biodiversity teeming with life. Reap and sow destruction, you may become … any suggestions ?? … violent sporadic moments of storms? Earthworms? 🙂

Just some fun and entertaining thoughts that can also challenge some of your most cherished beliefs. Sleep well.


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