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Once upon a time, not so long ago…

My name is Lee Down. I’m a professionally trained Life Coach, I have extensive background within the information technology and web industry areas, as well as having a variety of other life, career, and art influences. The Spiritual is where I used to find most of my juice. Religiousness wasn’t the thing, just that there is a bigger Mystery, God is real (or the concept of God), and Christ or Christ Consciousness is also real. I also believe there will always be MORE for us to discover. These days what inspires me is Connection. Connection is very important to our health and well-being. A chance to see more of ourselves than we can on our own. To hear reflections in different ways from how we think.

Highly creative, with a quick ability for brainstorming on-the-fly, many individuals enjoy one-on-one conversations with a coaching emphasis that challenges, inspires, and strengthens. With so many historical influences at work, I bring a high degree of empathy and integrity to the relationship. This natural empathic ability creates a comfortable rapport for deep discovery.

I welcome the opportunity to work with individuals and their goals. Whether it is merely a creative pursuit, a career change, or launching your own business. All the resources and know-how needed exists in the exchange of ideas, and the client more often than not has all the answers. It’s my job as a catalyst to help access those answers. Often a flurry of ideas that I present stirs and charges the client’s imagination, which creates it’s own vision effortlessly. ~ Lee Down

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lee-omc-on a good day3Contact Lee to inquire further about the coaching packages and set up your first 30 minute consultation at no-charge.

The most important thing to me is the conversation. You might get a lot for nothing and I’d be glad for that. The money is secondary, but important. The karma of doing the work, paying a price, and getting or creating your value. It’s a co-creation project. I’m a channel, a conduit of information, a reflection when you  need it, and a friend and champion to keep you fired up. I enjoy working with one individual a month only. But that doesn’t stop the little 30 minute chances for success. Give me a call, after arranging via email… >>> Reference the Subject: 30 Minute Talk with Lee

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  1. I have to agree with “highly creative with a quick ability for brainstorming on the fly”. Today was extremely inspiring!

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