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If you are so caught up in your intellect and what is and has been defined, how will you ever discover more?

If you are so stuck on your judgements and beliefs about what is real and what is not, how will you ever discover what is unreal?

If you are only flesh and blood, consisting of mind, body, and emotions, how will you ever experience the richness and possibility of an everlasting spiritual identity and the promise that might hold?

If the flesh and blood is your anchor, how will you ever access the mysterious possibilities available through Mother Nature and the quantum field of possibilities? Interacting your energy with Source?

What is, is not all – there is always more.

I know I make statements of belief, and I want you to know, I’m not held in their tentacle grip. I am always looking for more, and, and, and, and, what else. As I discover more, I can evolve more. It’s much like programming a computer; the first release works fine and over time with advances made in knowledge, skills, and tools, you are able to embed new code and out comes release two. This is the journey of awareness and integration.

I just found out. It sort of came to me in a flash of clarity; shocking, stark clarity. I’m not normal. I never have been and I never will be. It’s like having the earth fall out from beneath you and discovering that you’re just floating in space; you’ve always been floating in space. Everything else was just an illusion. And then I see it, all of space, not just that focused pinhole where I thought I saw the earth vanish. It’s then I realize that normal never existed and it never will. So why try to fit in? Look at the space around you. There are so many choices for you to discover who you are.

November 12, 2005

The Infinite is in Emptiness, it is those spaces – perfect – there is no light, there is no dark, there is no matter, no nothing, just – perfection – the source of love, of creation – it exists in the empty space of nothing – that’s where we come from, what we’re made of.

By going inwards, within ourselves, to reach the quiet space, we can hear God and hear our spirit – we cannot comprehend what we cannot see and what is nothing cannot be seen – and yet, nothing is everything.

Remember the invisible building blocks of the Universe. It’s all one and it is invisible.






  1. lilyputzz Avatar

    Random Thoughts and Life Possibilities are of stellar importance to me. Your feed of thought provoking words and phrazes are motivating and can ring bells and bring the bell’s call to reacognition. Thank you.

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