About Lee, Coach at One Man Can Human Capital Development

About Lee

Welcome to my journey.

I am Lee, founder and head coach at One Man Can Human Capital Development. More than two decades ago, I founded this coaching practice with one mission: To inspire, support, and guide individuals on their path to personal and professional growth.

My Journey

Lee, Coach, Squamish Chief
Lee running up Squamish Chief, circa mid-90’s

One Man Can” rattled through my head after a significant life change – losing a job. Rather than let it define me, I chose to see it as an opportunity. I launched my own business, and in doing so, I sought to make a difference in the world. I focused on developing others, creating recruitment tools, and assisting small businesses with their human resources needs.

In my pursuit of professional growth, I enrolled in an Entrepreneur Training Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. With their guidance, I ventured into professional coaching and motivational speaking, signing up for training at The Co-Active Training Institute. Within a year, I began coaching people from across North America.

However, life had another lesson in store for me. Health issues led me to take a hiatus from my practice. It was during this period that I discovered my resilience, understanding, and passion for mental health support and advocacy.

My Philosophy

I firmly believe in the power of the human spirit and each individual’s capacity to enact significant change in their lives. My coaching philosophy is a blend of career guidance, entrepreneurial mentorship, spiritual grounding, and, importantly, mental health support and resilience building.

My Commitment

Today, I return to my mission, equipped with an enriched understanding of the human spirit, resilience, and empathy. Whether you’re contemplating a career change, seeking to launch your own venture, battling personal challenges, or supporting loved ones with mental health issues, I am here to guide you, support you, and celebrate your victories.

I look forward to walking with you on your journey. Let’s make a difference, because “One Man Can”.

Beyond Coaching: A Passion for the Arts

“In addition to my journey as a coach, another passion has guided me over the years – my love for art. This love translated into an ambitious project named Arts Artists Artwork. What started as a simple endeavor to promote artists freely blossomed into a vibrant global community. Today, Arts Artists Artwork boasts a following of over 1.5 million on Facebook, 150,000 on LinkedIn, and tens of thousands on Instagram.

AAA - Arts Artists Artwork to Buy Art
AAA – Arts Artists Artwork to Buy Art and Read About Art, Business, History

Over the years, we have evolved from promoting artists on social media to offering a dedicated platform for artists to host their shop and display their artworks for sale. This shift has allowed us to serve the artistic community better by providing artists with a marketplace that reaches art enthusiasts across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

This project allowed me to merge my coaching expertise with my passion for the arts. I have been able to guide and support artists, helping them balance their passion with the practicalities of life. It’s a testament to my belief that coaching can profoundly impact all facets of life, from career development to artistic expression and beyond. My experience with Arts Artists Artwork deepened my understanding of the unique struggles artists face, enriching my coaching practice and equipping me with practical insights to assist artists in their creative and entrepreneurial journey.

Arts Artists Artwork is a testament to my resilience, creativity, and passion for community building. It is an integral part of my journey and has shaped the coach I am today. My experience with this project adds a unique layer to my coaching practice, particularly in guiding individuals interested in pursuing their passion without compromising their financial stability. It’s yet another way I strive to empower others and foster growth in different areas of life.”