Eeyore Rules, Piglet, Pooh, and Roo too!

I had the rare privilege to catch a beautiful prize. We puzzle, observe, tweak, and tune in an effort to lure that mother into sight. Ah, but she is elusive, slippery, clever, and sly as she dances in and out from the shadows. Not tonight though, no! She bathed there in the moonlight, clear as the stars. As clarity and focus regained from surprise, I took in her vision.

There the stark contrast between two similar beings, invested and gifted in the fields of human experience revealed a clear insight tonight. This gifted individual, whom I much admire, delves passionately into the studies and experiences of metaphysics, religion, human thought, emotion, etc., engaging people around the world with her upbeat message and antics. And yet, she has survived the underbelly, where the darkness threatened to suffocate, developing a compassion, strength, and understanding that has gifted her upbeat message and attitude. God love her!

And then there is me. I always liked Eeyore when I was a kid. He didn’t seem to mind his lot in life though. He was sort of hum-drum about it all, it’s just another day, while everyone around him wanted to feel sorry for him. Then, Eeyore and others would typically part company; I mean, really, how often did we see Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh? Not very often!

To make matters worse, I googled Winnie the Pooh because I wasn’t quite sure how to spell Eeyore. I’m sure you understand – it’s not a common name. There in the top 5 search results was the Wikipedia page for Winnie the Pooh. Now that has to have all the characters names and a chronological account of the character(s) and story development over the years. I ended up all the way down at the bottom and briefly caught sight of a film title “Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore.” How could Eeyore be so overlooked and swept off into obscurity. Is it what we don’t like to look at?

As I saw the prize catch, an insight basking in the glow of moonlight, I recognized it in the contrast. I saw that she sprang up with her messages and energy, while I invited you to sit down in the compost for a bit. I chuckle at my metaphor. You see, this is not a bad place to spend a little time, and I suppose that is why I am what I am. I funkacize things that are going on in and around me all the time. Look at it one way, hang with it another, bounce it here, there, and back and forth again. Drive a few people nuts along the way, I might as well add – since I’m being so honest.

In the end, you begin to recognize the sweet fragrant smell that fertilizes the life that you’re living. The richness of life well lived may well be like a compost pile, but look at the musty-sweet smelling heap of death and decay: It’s rich with nutrient values, dreams, seeds of hope and love, and every other beautiful moment in your life that has brought joy and pain. It’s full of life!

And please, fans of Winnie the Pooh and gang, don’t fuss! I love Piglet, Rabbit, Roo, and Tigger too! I love them all. And there’s good news too. Eeyore has his own wikipedia page – I found that out too!


One response to “Eeyore Rules, Piglet, Pooh, and Roo too!”

  1. Bonnie Avatar

    Enjoyed reading your writing again…feeling that old connection with you that flows through it into my psyche. Would love to hear from you more often but so glad that life has eventually taken a turn for the better and that you are now full time employed.

    My life has been crazy lately (literally), having found out I am bipolar and trying to cope with the new meds and the new me…not easy but such is life; as you say, from the compost heap may arise a new me, having gained from the richness of the soil I have been buried in.

    Yack at me sometime. I still appreciate all you have done for me.


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