Coaching Services for Career, Personal Growth and Mental Health


At One Man Can Human Capital Development, we believe that every individual has the power to shape their life and achieve their dreams. I am here to guide, support, and provide perspectives, helping you unlock the answers that lie within you.

Co-Active Coaching

I am a trained co-active coach, which means that our journey together will center around the belief that you are creative, resourceful, and whole. Together, we will navigate your goals, roadblocks, and aspirations, helping you unearth the answers and strategies you need to move forward. Each session is personalized and responsive to your evolving needs.

Career Coaching

Whether you’re transitioning to a new career or aspiring to elevate your professional journey, I offer guidance and support, helping you align your work with your values, skills, and passions.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

If you’re planning to start your own venture, I provide a supportive space to brainstorm ideas, create strategic plans, and navigate the unique challenges of entrepreneurship.

Artist Development Coaching

With over 15 years of experience working with artists, I offer guidance on balancing the pursuit of your passion with practical realities. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to transition to full-time artistry, we’ll explore strategies for financial stability, time management, creativity, marketing your art, and navigating the art world.

Emotional Support and Crisis Coaching*

Life can often throw unexpected challenges our way, and having a supportive guide during these times can make a world of difference. I offer compassionate, non-judgmental coaching for individuals who are navigating personal or professional crises. These could range from issues at work, struggles in your artistic journey, relationship difficulties, health crises, or any other major life event causing stress or upheaval. Together, we will explore your feelings, identify strategies for managing the crisis, and work towards a state of resolution and peace.

Mental Health Peer and Family Support*

Having navigated the journey of mental health recovery, I offer compassionate guidance for those dealing with mental health issues or supporting loved ones. This service aims to empower, provide resources, and foster understanding, wellness, and resilience.

*Note: I am not a substitute for professional mental health services or emergency help. If you are in immediate danger or suffering a severe mental health crisis you must reach out to mental health professionals or emergency services.


Each 40-minute coaching session is priced at $75. You can also choose to pre-book four sessions at a discounted rate of $250 for a full month. Special rates are available for individuals dealing with a mental health diagnosis and are on disability.

Getting Started

Starting your journey is simple. Use the contact form on the Contact page to set up a free 30-minute initial consultation. This is an opportunity for us to discuss your needs, determine if we’re a good fit, and outline how I can support your goals.