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One of the greatest rewards of my work is witnessing the transformation and growth of my clients. Their successes are my successes. Here are a few kind words they’ve shared about our journey together.

  1. “Lee has an uncanny ability to bring the best out of individuals. My sessions with him have been instrumental in developing my mind and my heart. He has inspired me and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Lee’s insights and words have allowed me to sail beyond the clouds I was finding myself in. While these clouds are still around me, I can now see clearly through some of them.” ~ Albert Z.
  2. “Lee is a courageous visionary with leadership talents for encouraging and inspiring others. He has natural coaching abilities that draw out the best in people. And, you can count on Lee to get the job done.” ~ Lynne Brisdon
  3. “Dear Lee, you have the tenacity of a Bear after a lean winter. Your infinite wishlist for humanity is a wonderful and compelling vehicle for your path to success. You will always live up to the task, if you remember that health is the greatest wealth. I’m happy to know you and consider myself fortunate to be part of your peer group, you attract great people!” ~ Ursula Ruckstuhl
  4. “Lee’s ability to think big is very refreshing. He can think ‘outside the box’ and has great drive, tenacity and motivation. Lee’s belief in the ‘human spirit’ and his interest in seeing people develop to their fullest potential are highly evident.” ~ Cissy Pau
  5. “Lee was very helpful in assisting me with identifying my strengths and weaknesses during my vocational search. If you are looking for guidance and direction, Lee can assist you with this starting this search.” ~ Rachel N.
  6. “Lee is an out of the box thinker. When we had an idea he took it too the next level and beyond. It is refreshing to work with someone of his calibre and integrity.” ~ David Crawford
  7. “Lee is a straight-shooter with a well-matched head and heart. It has been a pleasure to know Lee since meeting him in a consultative role several years ago. I’d recommend him to those who value conscientious and honest effort; clear communication without unnecessary fluff; and an easy way with folks.” ~ Paul S.
  8. “You have a gift, the ability to sooth bleeding souls.” ~ Julia S.
  9. Lee has been instrumental in my personal and professional life. He has taught me about carrying burdens. When and how to let go. While growing into a better, stronger person and artist at the same time. Lee is able to focus on both the need(s) of the moment and keep the end game in his sights as well. I’m so proud of who he has helped me become.” ~ Nikki Finnigan

More Success Stories Coming Soon

Every individual I work with as a co-active coach is on their unique journey, and their testimonials are a testament to their hard work, resilience, and commitment to growth. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and experiences.