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About Visualization

When we were young children we would dream without censorship. This gave us a creative edge and an ability to absorb, learn, and create at amazing rates. Becoming bogged by the stresses and worries of life, as adults we lose that edge. Practicing visualization, or meditation of your own choosing, develops a trust in Life, that essence of state-of-mind closest to that of a child. This trust and faith clears the obstacles to your creative freedom.

Try a Simple Beginning

Read the following description of a simple experience of visualization that I sometimes use. Get as much of an idea of what you want to experience and how much you can absorb, remembering to ground yourself. Then proceed with your own journey. There is no right and wrong, there is only the beginning and the growth.

I close my eyes and close my mind to the reality we have come to accept. I enter the state of Being; a state of feeling / sensing a void and energy. The energy that I am and am a part of.

Relaxing into this new reality of quantum physics, allowing my sensors to experience existence on an energetic level, I become infused with the knowing of connection to a source of existence beyond my self-identity. I am a part of it, it is a part of me.

I am no longer a fish alone in a big sea, I am now part of that big sea; I am that big sea. The big sea is there for me, to protect and support me as I place my intention on being supported in my life, goals, and circumstances.

I imagine my day yet to be created, thereby forming the building blocks for a new reality not yet manifested on the physical plane, accepting the support of the universe to co-create my life purpose.

The connection infuses the body with increased levels of energy, increased levels of sensitivity, and increased awareness. The openness prepares my mind to embrace the coincidental encounters of the day, yielding new opportunities for my benefit.

The sensitivity experienced, translates to a bodily sense of sensuality and eroticism; strange but true. Until I began increasing my sensitivity to the spiritual through meditation, I would have laughed. I now encourage you to bring this richness to your life.





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