The Truth

This word causes so much trouble in this life and world. How can there possibly exist so many truths that lead to so many contradictions?

The Truth is in one place only. It is in each and every precious moment.

  • How will you act?
  • How will you love?
  • How will you forgive?
  • How will you live?
  • How will you risk?
  • How will you give?
  • How will you be?

The Truth is in this precious moment. Are you being grateful?

  • You cannot expect anything from anyone, only of yourself.
  • Forgiveness gives you freedom. Freedom gives you choice.
  • Love takes care of Self first to prevent self-destruction.
  • Make your right choices, not my right choices.

The Truth is in this precious moment. Its Life is in you.





  1.  Avatar

    i like this post

  2. Lucy Avatar

    I agree totally with this post.
    No one can tell you the truth. Truth is a revelation, something one must realize. Drawn from the wisdom of the song ‘When love and hate collide’ by Def Leppard; “The truth is like a stranger, hits you right between the eyes”.

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