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The Truth

This word causes so much trouble in this life and world. How can there possibly exist so many truths that lead to so many contradictions? The Truth is in one place only. It is in each and every precious moment. How will you act? How will you love? How will you forgive? How will you live? How will you risk? How will you give? How will you be? The Truth is in this precious moment. […]

Believe! Just Believe!

Who can beat belief? There are moments, ever-so-brief, that express a level of certainty. Not only is the thought clear in the mind, the thought was precipitated with a strong physical sense expressing certainty of what was to come. As the feeling is noticed, the awesome feeling is felt fully, wondered at, and recognized to the moment, the thought, and the rightness of it all. I’ve had a few of those beautiful moments in my […]

How to be positive

Hi, can you tell me how to be more positive? I am finding my self not to be positive about a lot of things. I sure can’t cast any stones for getting caught in that vice-grip. To change… wow… to change. It can be a journey, or it can be a decision. This is most likely the most accurate truth that can be offered. The Journey Not believing anything that your experience is teaching you, […]

Mind Emotional Human Potential: Sink or Grow Rich

The Secret, The Power of Intention, Think and Grow Rich, and a myriad of other top-selling spiritually-minded self-help books send off a vibe that life is easy. Well, they don’t say it directly, however, as an audience we hear all the promises for potential and miss a good number of the steps necessary to get to that state. Let me explain. Earlier in my life, I recognized the hardships, endured, and grew strong. Leading into […]

Living Profoundly | A simple secret to a well-lived life

From the archives August 13, 2005 When you realize that you really want to have an impact in this world, to make a difference, remember that it is in each moment that you are alive and in the present. When you are too busy worrying about what you don’t have, what you have to do, where you’ve been, and what you don’t have, you’re not in the present; you’re consumed by the past you can’t […]