Believe! Just Believe!

Believe, Flickr-littledan77 under Creative Commons license
Who can beat belief? There are moments, ever-so-brief, that express a level of certainty. Not only is the thought clear in the mind, the thought was precipitated with a strong physical sense expressing certainty of what was to come. As the feeling is noticed, the awesome feeling is felt fully, wondered at, and recognized to the moment, the thought, and the rightness of it all.

I’ve had a few of those beautiful moments in my life. Ironically, today I saw a video of a speech-spinner making a valid statement that psychopaths can cheat people easily simply through the overwhelming belief they have in themselves. It’s not even personal with them, it is simply belief in themselves.

Yesterday I had another of those beautiful moments. I stopped and wondered with awe, “Wow!” I thought. This was a pretty powerful and energized feeling. And I knew – just knew – what it was about, and more importantly, what it meant. We control the outcome more than we realize with our own belief, and it isn’t as simple as a mind trick.

Making it happen in the body, in the flow of energy that is life, is the important part of the key. Continually focusing on those positive thoughts, disciplining the mind, no matter the fatigue, and it starts to happen again in the body. As you may have noticed from my recent entries, I’m working these muscles and rediscovering the magic myself. Work those muscles!

Believe miracles happen





2 responses to “Believe! Just Believe!”

  1. Cory Avatar

    Belief is both comforting and nurturing. Or, should I say, can be. What to believe in? I’m not talking monotheistically(sp?); rather, metaphysically. Are thoughts reality? If you think so, I wish you well. I, on the other hand, have started what I guess is your journey, Leedman. To document my journey I started a site called i-sorcerer, both to record as well as for the total immersion into that journey. Feel free to stop by from time to time. I’m guessing that the ‘moments of certainty’ you’re describing are somewhat akin to being in the “flow.” As a corollary, might I suggest a 5 part series starting Monday on Creative Intelligence, as innate within us all.

  2. Lucy Avatar

    When you believe, then you will see.

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