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This thing was eating at my gut. Sitting at the computer playing my little games wasn’t filling the time. Something is urging me toward action, toward more activity. Where, to what focus, and for what purpose?

I log in to check my site stats. I’ve got lots of archived articles from the old scheduled for release this week. What else is there to do? As I ponder ever so briefly at my WordPress dashboard, eyes glancing over the posts, incoming links, and comments recently added by site visitors. That thing is still pushing.

As quickly as I launched into my WordPress account, I hit the Write Post link and start typing. I feel it gnawing at me, wanting to give voice to the violent push and pull that happens sometimes during transition. Having experienced a few too many set-backs stacked back-to-back, a defensive posture wants to cringe back from the resistance. Big mistake when that happens.

The word success in the title represents becoming the best that you can. It’s not about material wealth, although it would not be without material comforts given the passions, ambitions, purposes, and values that drive you. There is no right or wrong, there are just differences, just as there are many people. With life having crashed reality back down the personal evolution chain, a time may arise when there is no belief, will, or strength to continue.

Push on! This is what it is to become anything. Overcoming has been the milestone in every achievement set upon by any person, at any age, for any reason. From learning to tie a shoe-lace, to reaching the summit of Mount Everest. Frustration, fear, anger, tears, and all that negative garbage that gets in your way, is just stuff for you to overcome.

Push on! Face it Head-On, and Change Toward Success!





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  1. isabella mori Avatar
    isabella mori

    interesting post – i love how it is written, it obviously comes straight from your gut.

    i feel ambiguous towards the content. actually, i think it’s the word “push”. maybe too male/aggressive for me?

    “don’t push the river” – that saying comes to mind. but that’s just one side of the coin. i’m imagining someone standing in the river, trying to push it. pointless.

    the next image that comes to mind is damming the river. that’s pretty intense interference with nature. sometimes it’s necessary, sometimes thoughtless, sometimes violent.

    so what are we supposed to do with the river of our lives?

    “do” is, perhaps, the crucial word. and before doing comes decision.

    so for today at least, that’s how i’d like to understand what you’re saying here: “keep making decisions, and keep following up on them.”

  2. leedman Avatar

    Isabella, I loved your reply. Thank-you so much!!

    Here’s the thing. It was from the gut, you’re right! I think that is also where the word Push needs to be recognized as an emotional force at work.

    You’re discourse about Pushing Life, the River, etc. Excellent points and I’ve written often in the past about Flow and Dancing With Life, versus all the striving and fighting. So your point is great and right on the mark.

    As for the Push, this moment was an emotional moment. I had this ***insert growl here*** feeling in my guts. If I could have expressed it all in a growl, I would have. Words and messages seem to be my thing though – that and articulating and understanding around it – Hence my writing.

    So it isn’t the Life itself, or the goals themselves, it’s just those moments when the emotions tend toward this unhealthy complacency, fear, worry, or anything that wants you (me) to cease “making decisions, and keep following up on them.” The push is to get past the emotional blocks, the fear of change, the struggle against transition. It’s hard for some to overcome, and sometimes we all need a Push. 😉

    Love it Isabella. Thanks for bringing so much more to it.

  3. Bernadette Avatar

    I love this post!

    I need this “PUSH” in my life right now. I’m still young but I’m at a point in my life where I just go with the flow with everyday. It’s like I’ve lost a purpose to be enthusiastic in life. I think I’m not suicidal but every time I wake up in the morning I’m disappointed I’m still “waking up” and didn’t die while I’m sleeping. I feel guilty that instead of thanking Him that I have another day added to my life I do the opposite.

    My problem is finding an escape to reality by asking for death.

    It’s 2013 now and if I’m not wrong this post has been 5 years old….Your post actually made me smile and want to see what the future has in store for me. 🙂 thanks

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