A Perspective on Us versus the Whole

Universe Whole Existence
Before your eyes
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The Whole continues to grow and evolve, just as parts of the Whole grow and evolve, while other parts devolve. There exists both Ascending influences, just as there are Descending influences. As part of the Whole, Descending influences often times cease to exist, while Ascending influences continue to Create as part of the Whole.

In this same fashion, we can apply the same insight to the ebb and flow throughout all life, including the social animal, Human Being.

As we look at our cultures, again we see the same principles at work. We see it particularly as fashion, fads, patriarchy, matriarch, and so on.

Throughout the history of time this game has been played, and we see growth, advancement, and all the while, some of us watch in horror thinking it is worse than ever before. But is it?






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