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A Perspective on Us versus the Whole

Before your eyes Originally uploaded by Lady-bug The Whole continues to grow and evolve, just as parts of the Whole grow and evolve, while other parts devolve. There exists both Ascending influences, just as there are Descending influences. As part of the Whole, Descending influences often times cease to exist, while Ascending influences continue to […]

Pay Attention to Spirit | Your Inner Knowing Self

Human spirit Originally uploaded by prakhar Being a spiritual teacher comes as a bit of a shock when first faced with the possibility. It continually made my skin crawl. Not because I don’t want to do it, but who would feel adequate for the job? And yet, the role unwittingly is engaged by me as […]

Tama Kieves | Tama’s Musings | Love Letter from Divine

Tama J. Kieves is a kindred spirit in the world of coaching. I often enjoy reading her email newsletters and this one received today is one of those rare beauties that I’m delighted to share with my readers. Tama’s Musings reprinted with permission. (Note: This was supposed to go out on Valentine’s Day, but we […]

Courage & Love Prevails

Weary to the bones, feeling the heaviness and despair, the fatigue demands you to sit and breathe awhile. As you sit and withdraw within the burdened mind and heart, you pant for breath, for life to return. A gust of wind stirs and refreshes you momentarily, clearing away the dark thoughts of the day, the […]

Strange, Mystical, Crow

Crows – Towards the sun i fly, not as Icarus. Originally uploaded by hashmil All of nature belongs to the cosmic dance of the existence we share. Native americans have a long history of honoring and respecting this fact. Animals and other natural elements offer signs, omens, legends, wisdom, and more to their culture and […]

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