A New Kind of Love

I’m in Love in a very different way than I’ve ever experienced before. It is not a kind of love that feels all that comfortable to be with. I ache and have these very unusual bodily experiences… not quite muscle ache, but something creeping in the muscles. It’s a tension that comes with this Love. You may wonder what this different kind of love is.

Self Judgment and Criticism

People are often very good  at chastising their behaviour, their short-comings, their failures, and faults. The more times those bricks get heaped down upon you the load gets greater. I know that I used to be able to shrug them off a lot more easily when I was younger. Life hadn’t introduced me fully to itself yet. 🙂

Loving Others

Connecting with others to feel the warm energizing embrace of love fills a deep lacking void that has been empty for many years. For all those failures and shortcomings, the self-flagellation starves the individual from its very own personal source to Love. It’s stopped off, choked up, and with that starvation gasping for love, as soon as it encounters a warm sense of healing balm, it throws itself into a temporary fix that will soon implode upon itself.

Take  the Pain

The biggest reason this happens is due to how easy it is under some circumstances to simply slide into that deep pit and stay there without any ability to actually “SEE” the way clearly to getting out step-by-step. That’s really stuck! There’s lots to re-learn, and more to experience. The uncomfortable truth is the body does experience aches as the mind re-awakens fully with consciousness and awareness of the full reality. This is outside and beyond the self-pity-pit. It’s gonna hurt – Stay with it.

Consider this – the pain you feel is Love coming back.

Switching Gears

The pain in the body in part I’ve found to be related to the energy of a future that has not yet manifested. It is manifesting, and it begins through choice. As I said, it’s going to hurt when you encounter the fallout of the temporary fix. Don’t run from it, walk with it, stay with it. Things shift in what is observed in our thoughts, mind, choices, emotions, etc., and the new choices will be seen and felt strongly. It’s such a strong pull away from what was comfortable that it will create physical discomfort. Stick with the vision, you’ve felt the clutch engaging the new gears!

This Different Kind of Love

This different kind of love is focused on you now more fully. When you’re present with it and see, you notice it is standing tall and looking forward at an exciting and brilliant life that is being lived. This life glitters with gold in comparison to the old reality. This life is the life that was started way back. It’s back on track. This different kind of Love is definitely about you.

The Switch For Me

It’s been a tough road along some bumps. Being in the personal development field I was devastated to find myself broken. How could I be broken? I kept hearing the joke “those you can DO, those who can’t Teach.” This became an uncomfortable space that soon became comfortable. It was a catch-22 of self-analysis that created a vortex that sucked me in and kept me there. Little did I know, I was driving the boat.

Best Kind of Love

This space I started with describing and talking about in the post is a truly strong point of view. It is clearer than any perspective held in your life under any other circumstances. It yields tremendous strength and power that can sustain you in any circumstance. It will attract more of what you want than any Law of Attraction visualization can ever give you. This Love is that which acknowledges you, and ends all further belittling. It lifts you up. It holds you strong.

Know Your Self and Love Your Self

Value Your Self






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  2. Antonioblog.com Avatar

    Well, the Law of Attraction also covers loving oneself. It is concerned in the betterment of one’s own welfare, in attaining it’s goals and dreams. So I think that loving oneself encourages the Law further.

  3. Jule Martin Avatar
    Jule Martin

    I haven’t heard this in a long time; love being stronger than the Law of Attraction. I wonder if the two go hand in hand. Anyone?

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