Christmas is Coming!

This has been an incredibly busy and fast-changing fall season; at least, for me it has. It’s strange actually, as I suddenly contemplate what next to say, that as I observe the difference of this fall season against the summer, that the fall season seems more frenetic.

First it is the end of summer and getting all of our last minute summer favourite activities squeezed into the final days. Then its think about going back to school, getting kids back to school, getting more serious about activities at work or career, then we watch and participate in Halloween, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, and then we’re rushing toward the final countdown-shopping-days before Christmas.

Honestly, I can’t believe how fast time is flying. As a kid, I would hear other adults say such things, and that time passes quickly. That wasn’t my experience as a kid though, and I’m certain many would remember the same. The summer was long, slow, lazy, fun, fast, exciting, and yet, school was still very far off… until the few days before. Isn’t that the Power of Now?

Too engrossed in the daily moments of life, engaged in activities and lives of people that bring meaning and joy. Pursuing dreams, ambitions, or simply the basics for your own version of a well-lived life. Tomorrow will come, today is sufficient. Somehow, all that crud that gets us all worked up and worried passes, the next day comes and goes, and whether the worries were founded or not, we live to see another day. If we don’t, what’s it really matter at that point? :p

As always, I started writing unsure of what I’d say. I had a thought, “Wow, it’s December already!” and felt like commenting on that. Where it leads from there, and what shows up, is often a surprise. Looking at today’s little sharing of words, I see the wish for your safety, joy, happiness, for this wonderful mad season of shopping, celebrating, people, family, fun, and friends. Notice I left the word stressing out… that is intentional.

Stay safe, have fun, and remember: The worries occupying your mind are blinding your glorious joyful moments right here and now. Don’t waste another second – Go out and have fun. It’s all a mind-game!





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