We The Consumed

We the consumed hereby swear to uphold the ugly truth, to turn a blind eye, and ensure the survival of the free marketplace to which we will become slave to,  believing in the false security that it will continue to support our best interests.

Psychology is a very big part of the markets that support and sustain us globally. As we speak, third world countries penetrated by war are being quickly introduced to the western market-driven principles of abundance as large corporate stakeholders establish new supply chains to support overseas troops.

Human weakness, vulnerability, naivety, these are the targets of the messages broadcast throughout our world media. Belonging, Equality, Respect, Personal Control, Sex, all things representing a sense of acceptance; people want so badly to ‘fit in’ and to feel accepted – belonging. To know and be known, the very foundation of the human experience.

Is it all bad? In many respects, no. We clothe, food, shelter, millions easily. Our global village has bridged the vastness of geography with the advance of technology. Instant communication, accessibility, are making more possible. The question remains, are we taking ownership of the responsibility of governance – self-governance? In this sense, our adult perspective must include a global self, to support the individual self.

Everywhere we turn, we see ‘make a difference’ plastered in advertising slogans. 2003-2004 this was nowhere to be seen in mainstream media, advertising, or business consciousness. It was taking root in individual consciousness though. When the criminal element catches the shifting wind, they incorporate a strategy without even giving due thought to the real need. The corporate goal is to survive the marketplace, to sell more, to make profit. People like you and I work there, and participate in these decisions.

When an opportunity presents itself to ‘be the change’ in our daily affairs, it can surpass our own personal world-view to become one that has a lasting and positive impact upon a larger whole: our community, now a growing global village, penetrated by a vast corporate infrastructure seeking more. War, politics, oil, power, and cash, are driving forces behind change.

In the movie, The Green Mile, the friendly giant says, “He killed them with their love. It’s like that everywhere. All over the world, they’re going kill each other with their love.’ Manipulation, selfishness, self-centredness, greed, power, control, security. What do you love? How do you wield your sabre and shield?

It isn’t all bad, and there are many who are influencing big change. It is important, however, to also remember that we are bombarded daily with messages intended to influence a direction for some agenda driven for money and politics. We have one simple thing to remember to do, and after a very mind-numbing and exhausting day at work, this is sometimes difficult for some or many to do: Remember to Think. Critically think, being conscious of what is behind the messages.

Question the stories of old, the beliefs that separate, the loyalties that bind. Humankind is meant to be free, to be creative, to grow and discover. During times of expansion in the physical, we see what we have now consumed and amassed globally. Some are terribly concerned about the impact we’re having on the environment, and others deny it. What messages of belief have we adopted?

Look under the skin of each of us, and we see flesh and blood, a pounding pulsating heart, and a complex network of wiring in a brain, and all of this is host to a consciousness similar to our own. So how different are we? Appearance, Education, Culture, Language, Religion, Beliefs, etc. How perfect are these influences?

The child is born, consciousness arrives, and data is input into the biological machine. Each generation, one after the other, handing down the same truth, time after time. Our progress is slow, as the intelligent ones grasp the reins of knowledge in order to advance individual goals without regard to a greater whole. Other intelligent ones also grasp the knowledge, and attempt to counter-balance, and our cycles of change arrive.

Remember, every culture has been affected by war. It was a very long, long time ago when it was discovered that war is the most efficient way to altar a culture, beliefs, and ideologies in an accelerated fashion. With the advance of technology, Culture can be spread more quickly, more readily, across the globe very powerfully and surpass the influence of war.

Our individual responsibility now bears more weight in the fight for what is good for all of humanity. Our voices can be heard. We can participate. For as long as we are aware, thinking, of what choices are being made in our name today. Keeping the Internet freely accessible, not giving up the influence to the power of corporations, remembering our influence and participation in these corporations, and that we are family.

We the consumed, have the ability to change the course of our history.





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