The Powerful Story: Tragedy or Triumph?

“So, what are you going to do about it?” he asked again. Listening to his friend lamenting his pitiful circumstances, this was the only question that made any sense. Even so, instead of answering the question, the habit was to respond lamely yet again.

“My day started off badly, and three years ago that other big thing happened, and now this other thing is about to happen, and I just am in a bad space.”

“So, what are you going to do about it?”

This is Life:

The Positive View Experience: Change, Growth, Challenge, Opportunity, Excitement, Adventure, New Experiences, New Values, New Ideas

The Negative View Experience: Painful Change, Forced Growth through Destruction, Obstacles of Painful Victimization, Repetitive Problems, Fear and Anxiety, Routine Immobility, Stagnating Experiences

Must Overcome

Life is a Story, and your life is Your Story. Many people trap themselves with the chapters already written, and the beliefs they represent thinking this is it, their lot in their life story. And yet, the reality is that the page of tomorrow has not yet been written, let alone turned.

Before believing this lot in life is all that can be experienced, take note again of the Negative View and Positive View experiences shown above and decide which perspective would best engage each and every day. Be balanced and aware that there will be good days and bad days. Exerting this decision again and again and again, in the face of all adversity, the Positive View will gain strength until the experience is one that can be owned fully and consistently.

Story of Life

Life has been ongoing since long before the human beast inhabited this micro-cosmic corner of the Universe. Life continued to unfold, expand, and evolve until such time that humans occupied planet earth. All throughout time and history, of Existence and Mankind, evolution has been a process of destruction and rebirth (growth from death and decay in many respects) that has brought all that we currently know to this moment in time and space. Is it always easy?


Difficult things occur consistently to challenge and create movement in life. A seed pushes against all that resists against it to gain a foothold in the soil and find a way to penetrate the surface and seek light. A young bird leaps from a next and falls to the ground in a stunned heap with its first attempt at flight. The salmon fight overwhelming odds so a few winners can plant their seed to continue the pattern of Life for their species. We could go on and on with examples of life being challenging that demonstrates the natural order of Life.

Is it really serving us as individuals to think human beings are above nature?  To think that things should never change, and that the old ways were best? Above the need to experience adversity? Above the cosmic dance that we don’t have to contribute and experience with the realities of living in the physical world of natural law? Cause and effect is rooted in physics, and so are all that exist in this temporal reality. Or is it already eternity?


It can quickly be seen that there are many things to focus on through bad experiences that can bring a healthy perspective to the experience of life. With a healthier perspective, strength, courage, and conviction, there is a girding of effort to create action and movement that engages life, instead of being a victim to Life.

“So what are you going to do about it?”

When you’re stuck, try asking this question of yourself. Take note of perspective, attitude, roadblocks, and see where the opportunities lie. We each have tremendous opportunities for our own unique experiences in life. Get back onto the path and start walking again.

Mission Impossible:

Your assignment this week should you choose to accept it: Start noticing your thoughts, where they travel, and how repetitive they might become. Find the courage to insert your positive spin. Remember the more powerful moments of you in your life history. To start creating change, you only need do one thing as you take action each day.

Be The Change


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  1. Josten Avatar

    Reminds me of my vacation that i got back from for 2 weeks. Waking doing what i enjoyed doing not worrying about a paycheck and etc.

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