Success is Man Knowing Himself | Realization, Acceptance, Actualization

The world has the habit of making room for the man whose actions show that he knows where he is going. – Napoleon Hill.

I enjoy the Napoleon Hill expressions myself and regularly get a daily dose. This one stirred more in me than expected, as often does a lot of phrases of advice that are well meant and often incomplete.

While I cannot at all disagree with this expression, the nuance within the phrase suggests what I’m about to say has merit. To merely say the world makes a habit of making room for the man who knows where he is going, also leaves room for when the world does not. Habits are imperfect, both good and bad.

However, there is always room when a man knows who he is, and more importantly, holds him in good stead regardless of outcomes. Every person who makes a choice endures or enjoys the effect their choice caused. At the same time, choice is merely being accountable to own that decision, so when other variables, or our own error, results in failure, we are able to be empowered through it rather than victim of it.

There is always room in the world for a man who knows who he is.





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