Step-By-Step: The Way to the Goal

Anyone with a vision for their life must recognize that many qualities and actions are required to achieve that vision. All to often in our modern society we seek instant gratification as we’ve become accustomed to a consumer marketplace. Regardless of these conveniences, a seed of an idea holds tremendous potential when patience, perseverance, and action steps are applied over a period of time.

Set-backs are often a common experience along the path toward goals. Some would see it as a ‘sign’ not to continue, others see timing play a role, and still there will be those who will persevere through the obstacle. Is there a right way, is there a wrong way? When do you know when to quit?

A vision is a tremendous vehicle for growth. From the vision, map out a plan starting with the obvious. As you move along the path, new information, insights, understandings, and ideas will shape and form more detail and direction for the path toward an evolving vision. Clarity in action seems the best way to see this.

Timing along any journey has a lot to do with many factors.

  • Are all the pieces in place?
  • Am I personally ready for the challenges ahead?
  • What else must I learn to be equipped?
  • Do I have the right people around me?
  • Are they in the right place and right time yet?

Whatever journey you are embarked upon, realize that it is only through step-by-step perseverance that you will get anywhere.

  • Set-backs are part of the course.
  • Resistance along the path is to be worked through.
  • Not all obstacles mean no, not all obstacles are obstacles.
  • Perseverance is your best friend.
  • Vision is fuel for the end-goal, short-steps to smaller goals satisfies thirst along the way.





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