Poetry | Soul Healer

Kiss me, kiss me true
kiss me deep when I’m blue
heal all my warm wet tears
salted sweet over the years
tasted lightly on your tongue
the dream to be forever young
a salty taste of bitter-sweet
a glorious chance we did meet
arm in arm and heart to heart
you’re my heaven, my sweetheart
your touch so soft as to care
the pain gone, no more nightmare
as I feel your loving balm
peace restored my soul to calm
Kiss me, kiss me true
kiss me deep when I’m blue

© 2005 Lee Down, all rights reserved





5 responses to “Poetry | Soul Healer”

  1. sandi Avatar

    Oh you make me happy! Thanks sweetheart~

  2. sandi Avatar

    You certainly know how to make the world a better place. I am grateful beyond words~

  3. wasan Avatar

    Wonderful!! Classical!! at the peak of love.

  4. d'Arcy Bostic Avatar
    d’Arcy Bostic

    Beautiful poem.

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