Loving Couples: Rare Moments to Last

Time we share together in intimacy creates a sense of togetherness and stimulates individual growth in many ways. It came as a surprise to hear it said, “No one has ever wanted to do that with me,” over something as simple as sharing a bath.

I’m reminded often these days of the simple things, the rare moments that are meant to last, that help loving couples remain loving couples for a lifetime. Just as we lend our individual talents to our careers, so to do we need to lend our effort toward developing our ability to connect with our lover.

The Lover is You

In our sweetest moments that we have experienced and created, quite often the sweetest is that which includes a deep connection with another. This is only possible from that space we occupy ourselves as the lover. It is the moment, the elusive experience, that can be experienced when effort remains wholly in this moment. Full attention upon the experience of the self, and in relation to the other. Even with eyes closed, that full attention both ‘sees’ and ‘feels’ the others presence, mood, and experience dancing with themselves.

Special Ways

Everyday tasks often disappear quickly when two or more pairs of hands join in the effort. Working and playing side-by-side, opportunities for silence, golden moments, intimate thoughts suddenly shared, and simple jokes abound. Sharing the load, the contributions of each other to the experience of the whole life shared is enjoyed more, and the union strengthened.

Preparing and cooking meals, cleaning up afterward, dividing tasks by strengths and preference, the workload and fun times are proportionately balanced, and we rarely tire. Even sharing the messes, there becomes a knowing element to the connection shared, and laughter endures.

The Kiss

Is this a lost art? To take the time to kiss, to hold that quiet and reserved space, whether face-to-face, cheek-to-cheek, lip-to-lip, or tongue-to-tongue, there is a pleasure to be experienced by pausing for more than a few seconds to just sit and feel the closeness and sounds of each other. Gentle grazing touches that electrify amidst sporadic pauses. And you know each others soft-spots enough to take it from here.


Food and Water are two basic fundamentals of life. We’ve covered the food portion, and surprisingly many people didn’t consider there being a water portion. The quiet gentleness that can be experienced with bathing is a singular pleasure that never grows tired for either man or woman. Whether we bathe together, or bathe one another, the experience of each adds a dimension of intimacy that pleases on so many levels.

Rare Moments to Last

With so much positivity to experience, this special relationship stands firmly upon a mutually respectful friendship that understands life and living. “We’re in this together,” we each say, holding hands, and each other’s gaze. I wish the same for you.

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  2. sandi Avatar

    Rare it is to find a man who not only shares these moments but more importantly creates these times. Times together, as one, breathing, being and baring ones soul for the other to cradle.
    To be the lover, the receiver of the force, the dawn of the new day~ is a dream to many, a way for others, and a life created by the power of two special people. Let there be love and laughter illuminating the path that leads to eternity.

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