Sometimes Heavy Heart Rides the Waves

? I love you…
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The weight bears down, bringing with it a reminder of all the hopes and dreams, the people and the moments, and the love aches to be remembered and fulfilled. Uncertain futures as good-byes are said, uncertain present times as the ground shifts underfoot, and the heart aches for the want of the goodness hoped for.

As much as positive thoughts are important, so are the heavy emotions. It is easy to get sucked into the lack point-of-view, however, looking a little deeper the pain of actually disguises a deeper desire. Rather than get sucked simply into a painful experience and feeling more like a victim, recognize the deeper desire, the love, the want and hope, and realize again just how little control we have other than our faith.

This happened this evening, and I hung on to the bitter-sweet truth, and spit out the bitter pill. The bitter-sweet good-bye, that still might hold a future, and all that you can do is to keep doing what you’ve been doing: Ride the waves.





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