Privacy, and What is at Issue?

Are people shy? Or are they ill-behaved?

Can you imagine that this question even enters our thoughts when we’re reading news reports that seem so slanted toward the negative views. My memory banks recall they also want us to be impacted by a lot of the negative media about war, death, terrorism, and who is the best politician, etc. No, there is never any bias there.

In this world online, we have an opportunity to explore life in the same way we do in our local neighborhoods. And I’d certainly hope that we people, around the globe, have the common decency and self-respect to do the right thing.  Granted, we must also be aware that the right-thing in North America isn’t always the same thing in another country around the globe. We must communicate our differences and open our hearts and minds to understand one another.

But you want your privacy, right?

Don’t get internet hookup at home, don’t get cable, don’t open a bank account, don’t get a credit card, don’t apply for a loan, don’t buy a house, and don’t get an education. In fact, it would be even easier if you just weren’t born. Right? 😉

We came into this world, for better or for worse, and we are taking part in a life-dance with every one of our neighbors. For some reason we end up knowing things we ought not to know. This isn’t a bad thing. This is part of a global consciousness.

The Law of Attraction and How it Applies to Our Reality

Reality is what we perceive through our human experience of life. Given all this talk about the law of attraction and that our world and world-view exits in our mind, it is difficult to comprehend this when we see and experience so many other players who would apparently have the same determining ability about this perceived reality we live.

Consciousness Exists

We know consciousness exists through the simple and unavoidable fact that we share a sense of consciousness within our own experience. Where consciousness in the singular exists, there also exists a global consciousness that comprises the group. As our world communication and population density has increased, so has the energy and flow of information, both in form of real hard data, and in subtle energy flows from community to community.

Global Agreement

Where the Law of Attraction and Consciousness work in unison, there exists a global agreement about our perceived reality. And this global agreement has existed and has evolved from generation to generation, and is also written in our DNA.

I confess I don’t know all the science of it, as I’m a layman who has studied a broad range of topics, some at depth and others not. However, my assimilation of information, interest in metaphysics, quantum physics, spirituality & religious studies, as well as the arts and having a sense of intuition and the expression of the divine. It follows me in my writing, in my art, and in my love for life.

Living In Community

Everywhere I look, I see life happening. Flowers in the fields, birds in the sky, people on the streets. Some dress up, some dress down, and some dress to shock. Each one has a unique story, and all I ever catch over days, weeks, months, and years, are little bits and bytes as we pass each other on the streets of our lives. They’re not being any more private in real life than they would be online, and I’m not seeing that much more or less either.

Records, Privacy, and Shifting Changes

Records have been kept on people and their habits longer than the Internet has been around. Period. Every government, institution, and individual has a standard about how to handle private information. While nothing in life is ever 100%, I do know that in most of these cases, my trust is well placed and well protected.

And with the new things that arrive in our lives, like the telephone, the cell phone, the Internet, and just like postal mail, coupons, and junk mail, we people will continue to influence outcomes through our own active participation guiding the outcomes.

Set the Intentions

Focus upon the solutions for sharing, caring, and having fun in the online world. Own your part in creating the right sort of community, and online life you want to experience. And know that it is online, in a space where it is meant to be accessible and stored elsewhere — not your computer.  It’s all good, and we can have fun with this.

For Consideration

If the media scares the average person away from using and sharing via the Internet because they’re afraid of the cost to their privacy, what do the traditional media channels stand to gain in return?

It sounds to me that there is something bigger going on around the issue of our Freedom!


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