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Privacy, and What is at Issue?

Are people shy? Or are they ill-behaved? Can you imagine that this question even enters our thoughts when we’re reading news reports that seem so slanted toward the negative views. My memory banks recall they also want us to be impacted by a lot of the negative media about war, death, terrorism, and who is the best politician, etc. No, there is never any bias there. In this world online, we have an opportunity to […]

Insights & Skills Enable Social Media Development

My occupation as a coach has been an up and down struggle as other life circumstances dictated many lessons. This has been instrumental in exploring the inner experiences, thoughts, and emotions, and relating that in words unique to my experiences or insights. I do so in the best way that I can at that moment, trusting that the right people will connect to what is said. It just doesn’t for everyone. Nonetheless, there is something […]

My Mojo is Back | Get Your Poke On

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I should be in bed. Instead, I connected online to my boss, Riel, a guy I really like. Liking people, for the most part, comes pretty easily. Then we get to know each other and the like-factor diminishes. It might catch you off guard to hear this, and if you consider it you might recognize how new people drift out just as quickly when the chemistry doesn’t jive. This […]

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