Overcoming Challenges: Being vs State of Being

Most people overwhelmed by and completely identifying with a condition applied to their particular health issue might actually be able to overcome their challenge through exercising their mind. With a focused effort upon creating change within the mind and the thoughts that arise, the effects of the mind upon one’s emotions can evolve. As emotions affect chemical production of the mind, becoming aware and engaged in changing thoughts can also affect the feelings generated by the emotions as the battle for the mind is engaged. None of this means someone has been diagnosed incorrectly, it simply means that there is more available to someone in these situations that can affect change.

Life is difficult and challenging life circumstances disrupt people’s lives and health continuously. At times, these events can be much more traumatic than others, or someone could be in an already weakened state. Either way, the impact of events can leave a discernible mark upon the character of an individual that stems from their mental and emotional well-being. As with any diagnosis for an illness, the patient is typically wanting to get to the root of the cause and heal completely, and not just bandage things up through the treatment of symptoms.

Anyone exploring options can integrate this exercise of thought management, regardless of the treatment program. Having someone to discuss things through for perspective can be a great help. One element of thought management is the increasing recognition of the experience of Self. First, seeing the mind and it’s thoughts constantly bombarding, what kind of thoughts they are and their impact, and if those thoughts become identifying thoughts of the Self. Quite often, through our formative years of schooling and working, people are accustomed to the presence and use of the mind, often listening to input from outside, and shaping our experience and identity from that perspective. This can act up when a negative spark triggers a direction that is unhealthy, with negativity creeping in with more thoughts going unnoticed until it is too late to regain control. This effort toward change will require more intentional effort over a period of time to undo what has been done.

Secondly, an individual has to start noticing emotions and the affect they are having upon the present-moment experience, and the accompanying thoughts as we’ve discussed already. People do feel. The irony is that most people rarely understand that emotions can also be feeding unreliable data to our experience, framing its meaning from a past trauma, rather than a new possibility. This is how emotions can be created by the mind if left unchecked. With emotions triggered by the mind, more chemical activity occurs carrying physical feelings that reinforce the emotions and thought. A vicious cycle.

In mentioning feelings, it is important to also be aware of the body. Emotions express feeling which the body carries. At the same time, the body may experience a feeling sensation that has little to do with emotion. Illness, aching muscles, broken bones are quite obvious, while other more subtle energies are not so obvious. Being able to notice “feelings in a room” as a presence of energy is often experienced by highly empathic people. This is important to notice how the body also receives information, as the physical body is often much more honest than the emotions being experienced. Noticing and feeling the body can give an individual many clues about what needs to change, and a host of other personally relevant information.

Being caught in a State of being, whether it is in suffering anything that is mental, physical, or emotional, it is important to see that quite often people will identify their Self with that State of Being, rather than the true sense of Self that has experienced so much more in life. An ancient expression, This too shall pass, is a valuable ally in recognizing the ebbs and flows of our lives in this sense. Rather than get caught into the vicious cycle, notice the frustration too, and the mental wrangling as the dark and the light are fighting for the direction that heals or steals. Get on side with the side that is fighting for healing, and when thoughts of the mind are busy comparing between what could be and what is, use that desire and refocus that energy upon creating change from the negative cycles that are perpetuated by the mental and emotional experiences.

Paying attention, becoming more aware, the individual would become more conscious of the fact that they are “noticing” all that is occuring within their experience. Seeing it within the experience creates a stronger relationship to the real source of Being, rather than the State of Being. As more command is developed, then what it is to be Aware can be recognized, and in that open space the real information for the true self can rise up and overcome the state over a period of time. Time is one thing that cannot be escaped as yet, and the seeds of change must mature and grow, so patience is of essence in this challenge.

Awareness recognizes all that is happening with mind, body, emotions, and thoughts. Awareness also waits for the person to connect before it can become involved in creating change. It also understands process, that in a world of natural laws of cause and effect, much occurs on the journey of a seed becoming a firmly rooted tree. As all are subject to the processes of nature, healing for the body, obstacles to overcome, blockages to eradicate etc., are necessary to get life back on track. Being more aware better equips an individual to manage life’s challenges positively.

Being vs State of Being is about becoming right in the circumstances of life. It is a mental game that can be won by exercising the Self Awareness and bringing it into authority over the mind, body, and emotions.

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