Making Life Happen

Amazing things happen for some people all the time. I wonder about that. I watch it, wanting to know the secret. Why do amazing things happen for some people consistently?

With a stronger sense of curiosity toward this recently, it has been a reminder to what I had already known and experienced. You too probably. Read on and see.

I saw the movie Yes Man recently, and true to form, Jim Carrey has me chuckling with his antics in another rather good movie. Aside from the typical humor we’ve come to enjoy and expect from Carrey, this movie also offers a great Life Lesson.

I won’t spoil the story if you haven’t seen the movie. You can tell from the title and previews that the comedic situations that can come about from saying Yes to anything can seem rather problematic. The beautiful thing we see though, is that saying yes, or more aptly learned by the end of the movie, getting out there and being available is all that is needed to make life happen.

Oh, that and a positive attitude and outlook. It’s all there in the movie, and as I’ve been observing around me with successful people, it’s everywhere you look when people are out and about in their communities engaging other people. Nothing happens when you stay at home.

I ventured to an event this afternoon in the arts/culture/fashion industry and accidentally discovered nearly a half dozen opportunities. Are you tired of saying No to what Life has to offer?

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  1. Jane Matthews Avatar
    Jane Matthews

    Another favourite of mine is Groundhog Day. Watched it again recently and saw the ‘yes’ message more clearly than I’d done when the film was first released: how things continued to go wrong until he changed his attitude. Same situation, different outcomes.
    It really reminded me of what so many self-teachers say, that we’ll keep getting the same lesson dressed up in different ways (or the same way in Bill Murray’s case) until we actually learn from it.

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