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lonely the man searches for the woman

This was the search phrase that brought someone to my site.  I googled it myself and went through 15 pages of search results without finding a link to my site. How lonely is that? Even before searching how far into the search results, I felt inspired to write some observations for the lonely man.

A woman is not attracted to a lonely man. At least, not a healthy, well-balanced woman that would benefit you more than a woman who would be attracted to a lonely man. You see, mental and emotional health is attractive. These speak strongly to your attitude toward life, and I know exactly how difficult this can be.

Issues in my own life closed all doors to seeking companionship. As much as I longed for it, I couldn’t have it. It wasn’t until many steps into a process of healing and reaching out for help, that I began to walk more firmly on my own two feet. My emotional well-being gradually returned, and my mental-health began to follow. There are still good days and bad days, as life promises variety, and the strength I’ve gained weathers them fairly well.

Now with this stronger emotional and mental foundation, my attitude toward my life improves, thusly my attitude toward myself improves. Instead of focusing on my lack, I’m suddenly seeing all the abundance and experience a lot of gratitude in my day-to-day life, with good and bad days interspersed. This positive flow attracts the bees to the flowers; didn’t you know?

And an increased emotional and mental foundation results in esteem that will not settle for crumbs, and will not fret over passing up one potential opportunity for the right opportunity. Give yourself the best, and start today with how you see yourself and your life.  Being accountable and responsible assumes full leadership over one’s own life.


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  1. Galba Bright of Tune up your EQ Avatar

    Top Class, Lee.

    It’s a great example of how we can use our insight into our own experiences, including pain, to help others.

  2. Karen Lynch-Live the Power Avatar
    Karen Lynch-Live the Power

    It is sad…15 pages!!
    But we attract what we vibrate so loneliness never serves us…..

    People are attracted to joyful, happy, empowered human beings….
    that is what we should strive for…
    Find the Joy in Life….it is everywhere….in abundance!

  3. leedman Avatar

    Thanks Galba, thank-you Karen.

    Loneliness serves us, I realize this morning. As I said in my post, I longed for what I could not have. You notice that? Could not have.

    There are times when we are withdrawn from the fullest life has to offer. These times are healing / growing / transitioning periods. Stuff happens, you know that expression: $H1T happens.

    I received an email this morning from Yehuda Berg titled ‘Weekly Kabbalah Tune Up: Me Me Me’ and it resonated with the post, times when we might feel lonely, and so on.

    It’s worth the share:

    Me, Me, Me, Me

    One important thing to remember is that desire is what draws us together. Desire for world peace, desire for love, desire for pizza, desire for new shoes. No matter how profound or trivial, human desires are our common link. And everyone desires happiness. Yet we often mistake someone else’s search for happiness as being “anti-me.”

    How often, for example, have you thought a friend, a teacher, or a relative was mad at you because they’d been giving you less attention than usual, only to discover they’d had a personal tragedy in their lives – perhaps a death, an illness, or a family quarrel – that was simply making them withdraw for a bit? Not just from you, but from everyone, until they felt settled again.

    I once knew a young woman called Anna [not her real name] who ran into the sister of her first great love, Matt [not his real name.] The two women chatted for a while, and then Anna gave her number to Matt’s sister, who said she would happily pass it along. Anna was incredibly excited at the prospect of hearing from Matt. He had meant a lot to her both during their relationship and over a number of years, but they had lost touch.

    Weeks passed, and then several months. No call. Anna took it personally. “I must not have mattered as much to him as he did to me,” she thought. “If he truly had feelings for me, then he would have called me by now.” Anna’s thoughts became worse and worse until finally she became quite bummed out about the whole thing.

    Several months after that, Matt called. He and Anna had a great talk, at the end of which he apologized for not having called her sooner. “I’ve had a horrible skin disease,” he confided in her. “And I wanted it to clear up before seeing you.”

    When we take the actions of other people personally, this is our ego speaking, telling us that we are the center of the universe – that everything that happens in our lives revolves around us. Our ego is the curtain separating us from other people’s true feelings and thoughts.

    Our struggle is to not take everything personally. And to give with our whole heart, even if our judgment is we are not getting enough in return. When we do our part, the energy comes back to us – always. If not from the receiver, than from someone else. Positive seeds produce positive fruits. This is an immutable law.

    And remember, sharing is not only a physical thing. Making room in your heart for others and acknowledging that you are not the only person in the world who wants to be fulfilled, can be the best gift to give to your loved ones – and to yourself.

    All the best,


  4. Galba Bright of Tune up your EQ Avatar

    Yes Lee, wise words. I think emotional intelligence can help us to become more curious aboout other people’s behaviour. This helps us to see that we can interpret anther person’s behaviour in a variety of different ways…ways that can transcend our ego needs.

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