Life After Death

Death is not a topic many people could say they enjoy. Strangely, today and recently I’ve had numerous conversations with others about life, death, and god. There is a peace that comes with exploring the balance, meaning, and experience of these three topics. A portion of expanding thoughts includes influences from science as well.

Today, at the local coffee shop, a chance conversation explored life, death, and god, integrating senses with fact and theories based in science. The [[Mystical]] comes in the unmistakable fact that the fullest truth cannot be proved. That said, the theories of [[quantum physics]] demonstrate strong correlations to the spiritual wisdoms of many ancient scriptural texts, and explorations of many spiritual – shall we say – Masters.

We are all One. God is One. I Am. And there are many other phrases that can be tweaked, used, and even contradicting one another, that pertain to this truth. For now, entertain this focus of Oneness, Existence, Everything, and Nothing – the Emptiness. You see, space, by its’ very nature, represents a void of emptiness. Yet, there exist massive bodies making up planets, stars, and more that result in the formation of Solar Systems, which in turn add to the formation of the Universe. Each smaller part adds and contributes to the creation of the Whole. And somehow, it all just floats in predictable patterns in an atmosphere of nothingness.

Well, in the same way, there are mystical events transpiring at the most invisible of levels possible where energy is metaphorically dancing in step with Life, or Creation, or God, and combining its’ Force into physical matter. This occurs from that invisible level on up to the point of human measurement of scientific fact of quarks, on up to the expansive exploration of the stars. In this broadest of observations, the immense beauty, complexity, simplicity, and enormity of this Creator’s dance can be observed and recognized. Life exists of its’ own accord. Is this not, in a sense God? Or as other teachers might suggest Source, Existence, Creator, etc.?

This human life-form that we are so attached to in our psyches is insignificant, and yet full of potential. You see, quantum physics also demonstrates that the energy comes together to form physical matter. At some point, that physical matter reaches a peak and the decaying process begins. This is the energy beginning to disband. The entire Universe functions in this same manner, just as do our own physical bodies: Our body renews itself on a continual cycle with living cells replacing dying cells. So does the Universe as it continues to unfold, and so does humanity as it continues to evolve, or devolve.

Destruction is a natural part of evolution. Everything in Existence is becoming something more. What is not working, or doesn’t fit to the goal of the Whole, is eventually destroyed. In many cases, it is reborn in an evolved form, and as the Whole discards what was before, it rebuilds with adaptations at various levels to survive its’ environment. It’s rather discomfiting to reduce the human form to just another aspect of the life and death struggle, leading to dominance or extinction. And yet, where we have controlling influence, we tend toward our own destruction, and where we have no control we bemoan some Higher Power that doesn’t give a damn, thereby creating a conflict and attachment to this simple brief life on earth. How sad.

Shifting this is difficult, I agree, and I concede that I too have a special attachment to this insignificant life that I hold onto. However, I also recognize something else that is much like an opportunity. If this Mystical stuff I’m talking about is in a sense God, or an aspect of God, or whatever it is you’re comfortable calling it, then wouldn’t it make sense to allow this perspective to influence how we live our lives? For example, what more of greed?

Death is Life, in that the energy of matter that is our physical form also contained a fact of [[consciousness]] that is difficult to deny. [[Energy]] never ceased to exist. Neither did consciousness. How could it? Were consciousness to cease existing, how then would any life form be able to experience consciousness? This soup of energy that represents all the physical matter that we see, experience, study, and explore is seamless as an ocean of water. And we each represent something on the order of a molecule of H2O within that vast ocean of water, maybe even just a quark. And it, the bigger IT, is always evolving. Are we?

You were always here, you are here, and you will always be here, dead and alive.





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