Insights & Skills Enable Social Media Development

My occupation as a coach has been an up and down struggle as other life circumstances dictated many lessons. This has been instrumental in exploring the inner experiences, thoughts, and emotions, and relating that in words unique to my experiences or insights. I do so in the best way that I can at that moment, trusting that the right people will connect to what is said. It just doesn’t for everyone.

Nonetheless, there is something for everyone. And the journey of exploring the human animal continues, and the social world we endeavour to keep in place. With the advances of Internet, communication, blogging, and interacting, more and more people are spending time on the Internet than they are in front of a television. Having my career so closely tied to the inner exploration, and a previous occupation in technology, my use of the tools as they’ve come online is a natural.

After many years of engagement online, exploring the human condition, and utilizing technology – always preferring the better UI and service offering combinations – I am discovering an occupational opportunity. You can follow along with this other natural path for those interested in using technology and the Internet to have their voices heard, or their business and services made more accessible.


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