For the sake of writing! There has been a hesitancy, even a fear or sense of dread, about writing on the blog pages of One Man Can. You see, the whole premise of the site, the writing, the coaching, the encouragement, was and is intended to lift people up, challenge people positively with their thinking, relationships, and professions. Instead, I found my own life being challenged and myself having difficulty being positive with the unfolding painful experiences.

All these ego busters and spiritual gurus telling us that it is all ego tends to become a real pain in the buttocks. As difficult as it is, the physical experience, the emotional experience, the mental experience, are all very persistent and real. I also know for a certain fact that many of these spiritually evolved people has demonstrated their own ego frailty just as easily as I do. Some just get over it quicker, others process differently, and some avoid it altogether, including the situations and people who might trigger their hot buttons. Me, I avoid public contact more than I should.

Well, time runs its own course if you’re not running your own show, and my ride still took me where I wanted to go, even though I didn’t know through the fog of my own changing confusion. Isn’t this what it is to come back to yourself? Conditioned by the system, the beliefs we grew up with, the education and social norms, so that you’ll fit some traditional mold so someone can bring cake to the party. When in reality, there was something very unique to you that wants to bust loose and live the life you were born to live.

You can fight it all you want. You can drink it — or yourself to be more precise — into oblivion, or you can get up and start walking that path. Everything that happens along the way is a guidepost along your path. The only question really is whether or not you have the courage to take it, and then to keep forging on ahead when you think you’ve got no more left in you.

I know you can do it. Do you?


2 responses to “Growth”

  1. leedman Avatar

    Why do people have to ask the tough questions? 🙂

    How would I deal with Ego, generally speaking?

    Not a simple answer, I find, as I sit with my fingers poised over the keyboard. All the same, I’ll share my rambling thoughts and we shall see what surfaces.

    Ego reacts to situations, people, things, feelings, etc. Beyond our Ego state, however, lies a state of awareness which simply observes. From that space, we can respond rather than react. Not only this, we can also be more accurate discerning whether a response is even warranted.

    How much more is available when we let go and be with the place of awareness, which owns and accepts ego for what it is, rather than letting ego be the main character in the play? Is it possible?

    With practice, I believe so.

  2. mhaya Avatar

    For me why i let go what for i am fighting what is my belongings and what is my property..yes i admit its also ive learned from my past but i dont think if is good idea to steal belongings thats not your properties..thats why god giving us to each individual right and protect what is all yours and fight for each individually legally right..

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