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Love is the Force behind all of Creation and it is the same driving force that inspires human-beings to pursue. I recall when I was a regular attendee at church and new to the Christian faith that the conversation around God’s Will came up quite often. In transition myself, this was an urgent issue for me at that time. Often, other members would tell me to seek God’s Will for my life and when I asked what that meant I never received an adequate explanation of any kind. Scripture would be quoted, that God had a plan and purpose, be a missionary, be happy in whatever work you do, don’t be too demanding, and a plethora of other sorts of replies.

Since leaving the church, I continued a spiritual journey of sorts – after a lengthy break – that saw me delve into the quantum field to understand more about the nature of the universe and matter. It saw me explore other spiritual teachings and teachers, and finally, it saw me sit within my own being to discover what truths would rise from within. Much of what I have written here and included on my web site are what have arisen from within.

Christians continually come into my daily life, in fact more than one of my clients come from various Christian perspectives and I successfully coach them within the context of their belief system. A dear friend of mine, having a similar path of both spirituality and life’s tragedies has exposed me to other insights into the history of Christianity. For example, around 800A.D. is when the word God came into use as a missionary attempted to convey a name to Germans for God based upon the original names used in the middle-east countries languages. God meaning Good – and more encompassing than that.

The middle-east languages meaning have a wider definition for what God is than what the western world has done with the concept of God. This is all based upon a lecture I heard by a Christian-based scholar and speaker. In Aramaic, the language, culture, education and simplicity of the common people to whom Jesus spoke has a significant and richer meaning than what the scriptures and prayers have come to mean in our western culture. I was fascinated by this particular talk because it really resonated with many of the shifts I had gone through as well.

For example, the Lord’s Prayer, in Aramaic, contains subtle and important differences in meaning, translation, and interpretation from the standard Lord’s Prayer that most Christians might be accustomed to following. Where we use the phrase ‘God’s Will be done,’ the word Will is not how society commonly interprets the definition of Will.

A more accurate translation is God’s Pleasure, or God’s Delight, and could even be as my thoughts provoked, as God’s Desire. In this context it becomes clear that the sense of the meaning is to do what brings God Joy. Within this context, and confirmed within the content of this lecture, God’s Will is to see us in a state of Love and functioning from a state of Love. So here’s a statement to help anyone who is wondering about God’s Will for their life:

His delight is the expression of Love manifested in you, in your actions, in your relationships, and in the creative passion that you shine forth in service to all of the world and existence.

As I completed capturing these thoughts on paper at the lecture, it also dawned on me that the meaning of life becomes apparent: Love.

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3 responses to “God’s Will | Meaning of Life | Creation is Love”

  1. Louise Lewis Avatar
    Louise Lewis

    A Google search on ‘meaning of life’ served your God’s Will post, and since I believe in ‘connecting the dots’ in life, I wanted to stop by and say thank you.

    Maybe sharing your experience of leaving the church but continuing on a spiritual path gives others ‘permission’ to do the same. What would happen if more people took such similar action? Would more people then come full circle, spiritually speaking, and then maybe return to their Source to live in love.

    I took a similar route and learned that by allowing my life to be guided by only what I was told from within, my path materialized beneath my feet…And then I wrote about it.

    So thank you again for sharing!

  2. Matt Avatar

    Such a frisson when I find someone else on this planet who seems to be thinking along the same lines as I am. For years I have been pondering, reading, synthesising, distilling, trying to achieve a short ‘mission statement’ for our existence in this world. Gradually it came together, until I felt I had covered all the bases as concisely as possible:

    Love not expressed is meaningless.
    So God created the Universe.
    (You thought the Big Bang just .. happened ?)

    We are his creation grown to awareness of him;
    And in our beautiful world, this vale of tears,
    He asks us to love one another.

    Then I realised how many words it contained.
    Obviously 42 isn’t the Meaning of Life – it’s just the word count!

  3. Lucy Avatar

    The First commandment reads; “Love the Lord God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength, and thy neighbour as thyself”. No other laws can exist above or below this universal law of love, not even the other commandments, for to follow this simple commandment means to break no other.

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