God Talks?

Let’s talk about God, baby.
It’s all about You and Me.
There’s always more to see.

God is simply a word of convenience. I use it regularly for that simple purpose. Unfortunately, the word literally robs the fullest extent of possibilities. How can a word have so much power as to steal away the magnitude of what it represents?

Propaganda, egoism, war, religion, culture, politics, greed, corruption, power, fame, and I’m sure a host of other human sins could easily be that trigger. So much has been done… In the name of God… ignoring the vast nature of whom they took for granted. And God didn’t care. I’m sorry if this seems offensive.

I’ve found that something of this magnitude which represents so much more than just a human being on one planet in an entire Universe — and then maybe more — could not possibly be concerned with having to care for a system of Life that functions exactly as it should. In other words, things work exactly how they are supposed to work.

God, Life, Creator, Source, Universe, Existence, Light, Love, Energy, Allah, and I suspect some others, all lead to and refer to the same thing. A mystical force, unseen by the naked eye, often times felt and experienced in a way that is very personal and internal, that transcends and is spoken about in all corners of the world, all cultures, all languages, and has done so since the beginning of time.

What is it? An experience of something far bigger than we are, that creates and gives life, that we are a part of, and that there is still so much more mystery (knowledge) to gain, explore, and acquire before we may ever come close to having a definitive answer. And even then, I’m sure it could be challenged.

It is not a creature of feeling in the way you and I are; it is far bigger than that and encompasses that life-force-energy that drives our sexual and creative urges at their highest peaks, and most likely it experiences / delivers / creates / something, of that force on its’ own accord every second of our up-and-down experience. How?

The simplest answer, the easiest to untangle, is to broaden the concept in our own mind and sum it up with simple words that represent so much in our understanding and experience. Everything that is good, from our experience, represents a fraction of insignificance, in relation to the enormous nature of that entity, easily represented by Existence and/or Universe. Exactness, at that magnitude, doesn’t require precision for our mind to grasp.

Rather than disputing this, I say embrace this common, tribal root level worldwide belief, or better yet, understanding. To help keep the mind open, try not to make it any more difficult to explain than the experience of the wind. To not yet be able to see it, other than through its’ force. However, if it be force, recognize that mysterious force that always sustains and guides life.

Isn’t there something mystical about it?

By the way, my recent experiences suggest this is in some fashion true. In particular, overcoming the quibbling nature of what the differences are that have been dividing everyone for so long, I let science open a way of integrating this idea. This allowed me to accept more, experience more gratitude, see more opportunity, ride the challenging waves, and so much more. The weirder part is how much more exact, and almost perfect everything seems to be. It’s just weird, okay?

Just some thoughts….. nothing hard and fast.






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