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Originally uploaded by Wiros

Yesterday I read the analogy suggested I follow and observe in the coming weeks. Strange how messages are brought to us through various channels that are all saying the same thing. I paid attention and now write the reminder.

“Go where the puck is going, not where the puck has been.”

A quote for success given by Wayne Gretzky when asked how he was able to be such a prolific scorer. Wondering how this applies to the pragmatic world in which I occupy, I wanted to know which arena I am skating in.

‘Do I apply this to my personal life?’

‘Do I apply this to my personal project?’

‘Do I apply this at my work?’

As I write this, it occurs to me that I can see this applying to all three areas. I don’t know about you, but as I write this, I also feel a sense of tension that reeks of dread. That other part of me that doesn’t want to take the hit. Am I tough enough to go up against another bruiser on the boards? Am I willing to take the hit?

Sigh. Okay, one step at a time. See the obvious, put aside the fear, keep the skates sharp. Head up, moving forward, stick at the ready, you will be ready when opportunity strikes. The game isn’t over until the last buzzer, so persevere for that next shot to appear.

Okay, back in the game it is clear the strategy requires a change. Go where the puck is going. I contemplate this and see opportunity opening up in many areas of my life. The past and what I might feel about the present are not limitations or a full definition of what this life amounts. Change is life, therefore change is living. Time to change direction. My attitude adjusts to welcome more opportunity. I will grow.

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