Afraid of Flying? Opportunity for Adventure is Lost

I saw this video today, following a weekend coaching seminar, and the effect of the video was pronounced with more meaning considering the seminar’s explorations.

As I look at the inspiration and ideas that have brightened my eyes over the years, there have equally been many dark storm clouds causing me to batten down the hatches instead of venturing into the unknown. These storm clouds are creations from my own mind, fraught with worries, fears, rationalizations, explanations, and other insidious suggestions that robbed meaning, adventure, and growth from my life.

Luckily, there have still been many choices made that have been rich with adventure and experiences that, even if painful, have fulfilled with meaning, adventure, and growth. I still don’t know that I’d take a leap like this, and yet I can see the glorious thrill of taking risks and living life exuberantly from the example these daredevils display.





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