Emotions Versus Feelings

Autumn Skye Morrison - Shackled
Deny your feelings, control your emotions, are often suggestions we might have heard from various sources over the years, whether from family, friends, or experts. What robbery!

Anyone who has experienced traumatic moments in life understands the emotional impact, and the lasting impact of those emotions. Grief must be experienced, must be expressed, and must be processed, lest the owner drowns in their own despair.

I’ve known many people who have stepped forward with stories of illness in particular parts of their body. In conversations of discovery we learn that the ‘pain’ they carried emotionally in their life – controlling it, denying it, or ignoring it – was experienced most strongly at the point in their body that their illness had been diagnosed.

My own experiences have shown the complexity in the bodily experience of mind, body – feeling, body – emotion, and dare I say, body – group, and body – meta. How we use our mind can develop access to more sensory perception than we typically experience. We often recognize spiritual masters, leaders, etc., that have that certain something, and know that what they see is vastly different from our own perspective. We feel differently in their presence – we feel the difference in the crowd – and we feel the difference in the air, on the earth, and the ethereal world of thought.

Feelings are still intact, still sensing, taking in data, clear, uncluttered, and in tune. The emotions, on the other hand, are responses of a different nature. In many ways they can be good, and healthy. Equally they can harm. The only muscle you have to control that vicious beast, is your mind – awareness – choice.

Feelings allow your instincts, intuition, and senses to inform you of everything in and around you. You and I are connected, and this is where empathy can be developed in concert with a disciplined mind. Empathy without a disciplined mind can lead to emotional chaos, which could lead to mental and/or physical health issues.

Emotions are the rational brains triggers about past and future events. None of it is based in reality, only in supposition. In reality, the emotion is a trigger to cause you to think critically about a choice, recognizing past consequences against future possibilities. The problem is, emotions often get the better of us at times and all we do is see the negative. Little do we realize that in becoming more observant, taking full accountability for our ‘engagement’ with life around us, we might discover more subtle nuances in our behaviour – mental and emotional intelligence applied and in action – that truly dictated the outcome. I can’t tell you how many times I knew I was going to fail before I even started something. Get my meaning?

Trust your feelings, learn from your emotions, treating the emotions as movies and stories – documentaries. When watching, don’t look at the outcome, the external forces, the project, or any of the objects outside of the main character. Notice fully the main character and recall the experience fully, including the physical and emotional level. I’ve discovered that my own state-of-mind, reinforced by my emotions, thereby further reinforcing the trap, was unhealthy, cynical, negative, and in compassionate response to the events, very much understandable.

Law of Attraction. Emotions create reality. Emotions stir the Energy, stop the Energy, or stifle the Energy – the exciting flow of life that you may remember having feelings of in or throughout your physical body. When the emotions and mind begin to run amok, the combined impact on the flow of emotional energy immediately attracts the very things to reinforce the perceived reality. Regain that mind, harness that emotional energy, and reconnect to the feelings of truth, and it all will gain in strength – as will you, as am I.

Control the mind. Harness the emotions. Trust the feelings.

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  1. Donald Schwartz Avatar

    Great article. Men in particular are discouraged to “display” emotions. If we were allowed to express or emotions more, maybe they would not have to erupt to such a dramatic “display” at times.

    I broke my foot, slipping on ice, at the beginning of March. It has been a difficult – and at the same time rewarding – emotional journey. I live alone so it has been quite challenging just to carry out every day tasks – but I have been able to rely on past camping and sailing skills to creatively redesign daily tasks.

    I wound up going to the University of Michigan Psychiatric Emergency Room a couple of weeks ago to help with what I feared was a emotional breakdown. I said to the doctor that there would be probably be less wars and murders if men could feel acceptance in crying in public. He agreed.

    The doctor helped me greatly by taking the time to help me see certain life patterns that lead me to the mental state which brought me the the clinic that day.

  2. leedman Avatar

    Hi Donald, I’m sorry to be so tardy responding. I’ve been holding a boundary in place for a while myself. My shoulder issues have only recently been answered to – though still not healed. At least now, I feel more peaceable about what is happening and what is needed.

    I have to agree with you on this. Ironically, being more tuned in with one’s emotions also can become host of other problems. In each case though, looking back I would say that they have been useful experiences in that often times my own belief systems were challenged, revised, or tossed.

    Glad things are going well for you.

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