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people with bad backgrounds can make a difference

There it is. A search phrase.

In case you’re wondering, it’s mainly what I do nowadays. Understanding searches, traffic, websites, internet marketing, etc. So I check my stats and look at what traffic brings people to my site. It’s interesting too, because instead of focusing heavily on keyword optimization tactics, and aside from some bookmarking that has helped people find me, it is odd phrases that bring the most amount of traffic to my site. And I LOVE IT.

This represents an interest by someone, somewhere, with a question, a wish to gain more perspective, on sensitive issues. I’ve been told my writing, whether it be argument or style I don’t know, leaves no quarter for discussion. I was rather surprised by that, but then, maybe that is because there is so much conflict, paradox, as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly within the being of the human experience. We are driven by more forces than our mind can accept.

Consciousness knows you, as I might know you, the one visible to me where I can see all of your goodness in your eyes and heart. Yet, the physical forces of our existence here is driven by the forces of nature, and whether natural function, a disorder or disease, or the hormones and the brain-stem, it is all really irrelevant. Awareness is the bridge between these two experiences of self, where the Consciousness, a part of us that is puzzled at our ineptness to break free from whatever is holding us back, meets the Knowing sensation driving the physical body with experiences we can only describe as emotional.

If you think that isn’t you, see where you are 10 years from now and decide which direction you went, and whether you could have impacted it differently had you been less resistant, or made better decisions, or. whatever… but this isn’t about judging, it is about accepting that there is a variety of forces acting upon our human experience as individuals, and that with more conscious effort at improving our awareness in our individual situations, each one of us can make great strides to counter and overcome these forces. Did I mention the power of the mind? The power of thought? That’s what it is about.

Human Brain
Human Brain

Just as prolonged periods of negative emotional experiences can send someone into a spiral of depression, positive thoughts and counter-intuitive thoughts can bring balance and healing back to the physical body. Spirit over Matter? Sounds like someone’s idea of it once upon a time, and yet, since consciousness cannot be defined, maybe it still is true.

If you’re having trouble accepting this, it is important to note that the thoughts and emotions create a dynamic relationship in the physical body that continually reinforces the negative until such time as the brain’s rewiring has the thalamus pumping the wrong doses of chemicals throughout our body. Then there are our entertainments and vices and their impact, as well as our personal situations, relationships, and environment and their impact on our chemical balance in our body.

So go easy on yourself, and on others, and persevere.

people with bad backgrounds can make a difference

There she be, what a beautiful statement. I’m glad it found its way to my site today. I’m glad it allowed me to share this with you and I am really glad to not only be able to say “YES!” to this statement in agreement, I can also say that I know of people who are proof positive. And then there’s the fact that none of us are angels any more or less than anyone else. The change begins within, with awareness and exercise – choice – and that choice determines difference is what difference gets.

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