Changes, Changes, Changes: Hang On!!

Need I say more?

Dealing with the turbulence that comes often with changes, I can lose my cool, lose my patience, lose my calm, lose my mind, and even lose my way. This happens as the physical calm of routine vanishes and the mind enforces new routines and both the mental and physical aspects of our experience need to adjust. Fancy explanation for the jitters. So what the heck can you do to weather the storm while the transition is underway?

What did I say already? Hang on!!

Duh! Seems like pretty loopy advice, doesn’t it? Oops, sorry about stating the obvious. Hang on? Hang onto what? Well, as I’ve come to see it, hang on to the present moment. Every time I freak it seems to be when I start worrying about tomorrow, how it will work out, whether I’ve got the chops for it, and on and on. Whenever I catch my emotions and thoughts embarking upon the freight train of worry, I’ve got to haul out the Stay Calm Conductor to delay that train.

“Halt!!!” he hollers, and the emotions and thoughts ready to run amok are put back into park, sent out to pasture, and I use whatever mind-trick my imagination can creatively use at any given moment. Hang on to the present moment, to NOW…. there is and never will be any other time. This is the place that you win the battles that eventually help you to win the war.

Funny side thought. Some people get critical when I use negatively charged words (like fight, battle, war) and yet that is exactly what we do within our own mind, between each other, and around the world everyday. Maybe if we could come to terms with that on all levels – namely the internal battles we all face – maybe then we could start securing peace around the world.





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