Crow’s Call Revealed

As the crow brings wing to a taunting call
and the float plane drones on overhead
I am seated firmly on the old cedar log
secure in the resplendent nature that surrounds me

I fantasize about life with coffee on hand
and cigarette smoldering between fingers
With one last drag and licking of lips
I exhale, as I toss it all away

The worries and troubles with taunting call
have winged away as fantasy arrives overhead
The dreams smolder within reach of my fingers
Breathing in I taste possibility upon my lips

There is no time, there is no space
It is only here, now, Oneness
Solidly present within one’s presence
The choices of possibility always within reach

The noise of life and ego compete with peace
As traffic screams by the still forested trees
The tenuous grasp crushed underneath the heel
Of a world rushing towards its own decay

Weak with desire for a luxurious life
I wine away priceless moments of opportunity
Becrying my lot in life and community
Dreaming of a day in yester-year brightness

Blinding the eyes toward vision and imagination
The darkness shrouds the mind’s landscape
Creating beliefs to exist towards limitation
I seize the moment to do nothing yet again

Such is the force of our natural Mother Earth
Her life breathes into our lungs and soul
Creating moments of harmony and stillness
Permitting clarity to reveal the land of possibility

With awe I am stunned into inaction
To experience yet more of nature’s wisdom
Seeping into the flesh of my body
As surely as the rain soaks into the earth

Reverence over these moments charges the air
Drowning out the noise of reality driving by
And the body’s peace is restored to rest
As the stress drains into the log’s decayed flesh

The moment stretches into forever, until
with the last sip of coffee drained away
the future’s plans scream mightily for attention
while the crow swoops in upon his cackling caw

by Lee Down  © 2010





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  2. Debi Hanton Avatar
    Debi Hanton

    Hi, long time no chat. Amazing how life throws things to you when you need them. My daughter broke my Mac and I lost your info – then got something pop up on my talk21 account with your info on it. First thing I read is this – just as I head out to my seat with my dogs to sit with coffee, cigarette and find that peace in the moment and know the crows will be there.

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