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Living Paradise

Eking out a living in this paradise Gimme Johnny Walker, neat, no ice A few more of those I’ll be alright Getting me through a long slow night Twisted pain of death lines my face Another chance tomorrow my saving grace I’m here to fight, never say die Always chasing truth never a lie Eking out a living in this paradise Gimme Johnny Walker, neat, no ice Smile for me Baby I’m here for you […]

The Passion of The Kiss

A faint memory stains my vision but the body remembers exquisitely for more addiction to develop erotic demands the attention in solitude screaming passion electric undercurrent stimulating pheremone cologne and a fiery belly shivering down to groan the delicious whispers of fantasy found in starburst red wet slick juicy full lips ripe with desire tasted lightly slightly tracing tongue upon the whimpers plead for more to further explore with torturous tease touching lightly your lips […]

Crow’s Call Revealed

As the crow brings wing to a taunting call and the float plane drones on overhead I am seated firmly on the old cedar log secure in the resplendent nature that surrounds me I fantasize about life with coffee on hand and cigarette smoldering between fingers With one last drag and licking of lips I exhale, as I toss it all away The worries and troubles with taunting call have winged away as fantasy arrives […]

The Light Crack

Fade from black, it never came back what they look for, they never knew I found myself caught in the crack he sings about it, you know we thought it was between the crack and a hard place it isn’t — it’s just the crack, don’t get caught in a tight one yes, that is how the light gets in, but what got extinguished? by Lee Down © 2010

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