Belief, Choice, and Hard Work

Small guys, hard work
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A challenging year of growth started with the witnessing of a software tool that showed great potential for my own business. Given the nature of my history and talents, I was able to offer my services which in turn led to full time employment.

Over the course of the year, I encountered incredible situations that challenged me. There were many moments of doubt about the choice I made. Regardless, pivotal conversations revealed time and again that an underlying belief in the concept, the potential, and the people, continued to strengthen my resolve during each challenge.

Another individual warned upon leaving of the battles I would face, and the perspective they shared was one of supporting a false potential. I understood the perspective, particularly given my own struggles of belief during that time. Even so, something about the statement felt false. Today, the falseness revealed with clarity that I was right to stick with it through thick and thin.

Regardless of the outcome yet to be seen, the results to date are a direct result of the effort put in to achieving goals. Even the ambiguous goals are a beacon in the distance when charting new territory. New territory is sometimes with technology, new processes, and such externals. It’s important to recognize how much of this new territory is internal. If I’m pushing myself forward and up in life, greeting challenges and expending effort to overcome, to push through, to grow, then I will experience much new territory.

The falseness, you see, of the statement about supporting false potential reveals one’s own inner value and belief. Of what? Of themself? Regardless of the externals, and the potential that lies there, whether people, opportunities, processes, or products, the end result is always a direct outcome of the effort sustained by belief, choice, and hard work. I guess in the end it depends upon how much you’re willing to carry, and for how long.





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