You Don’t Have the Right to Defend Yourself

What would you say to someone who said you do not have any right to defend yourself? Understand this is in relationship to a conversation, an exchange of words and thoughts, not fists and guns. You don’t have the right to defend yourself. What does that mean?

Every individual has the right to self determination, for self-expression, and most certainly the right to speak on one’s own behalf.

Now get up and speak. Get out there and win!

Did you know that the purpose of your life is to experience happiness and joy?

Don’t let them bring you down. It’s all in your mind where that is won.





  1. leedman Avatar

    Observing this exchange of words, it strikes me that the deliverer of the statement “you have no right to defend yourself” really doesn’t have a valid argument. It raises the interesting question as to what has prompted this statement in the first place.

    If you ever find yourself so miffed at what someone said, particularly when their intentions are well meant and more in a congratulatory tone, then catch yourself before you direct your ire at them. Consider what it is that is really pissing you off.

    Chances are, there is something deeper that was triggered, and it has more to do with how you may be feeling about yourself. What is it? How can you embrace it, forgive it, and make it whole again as a part of you?

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