What are you going to do?

It’s a question that runs through our heads often. More often than not, it is a response to managing difficult situations. You struggle, you fumble, opportunities are missed, reactions are off the mark, and you pick yourself up and try again. When it does come up in conversations, what’s done is done and we respond,

“What’re ya gonna do?”

And with that statement, you retire for the day, wake up the next morning, and put your best foot forward taking it step-by-step. Deal with the here and now, the first obstacle, and don’t get to far ahead of yourself. Deal with the problems here now, the steps that will move you forward, and don’t focus on things that will create more problems in your mind over a future that has not yet arrived. Here and now.

With that, I recognize a difficult place I find myself. We all have things that “pop up” and create turbulence in our lives. That’s where I am. With so many issues to address, I move my focus from all the problems and start focusing my attention on the first step, in the one area, that will begin to create movement in a direction that will enable many or all of the issues to be resolved. There is always the core foundation to every set of issues one may face. Focus on the first step, and MOVE!


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