Vulnerable Kindness is Strength or Weakness?

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Facebook is filled with Applications that people circulate through invitations. Buy and Sell friends, Flirt till your blue in the Facebook, Triumph over opponents, share iThink opinions, and many others. Many of these Apps involve assessing your ‘friends’ on Facebook. This week, a Weakness was noted for being Too Kind, and it caused a pause of humorous delightful wonder.

I was delighted and wondered why so many feel being Kind is a Weakness? Being kind requires vulnerability. Does that make ‘being vulnerable’ a weakness too? Of course, these questions are only being asked of social beliefs today, and not doubts that I experience. Vulnerability is quite the opposite of weakness and requires tremendous strength and courage. I know. I’ve taken the journey. It isn’t easy to stay open that way with everyone, at least not in the beginning.

With perseverance and experience, the truth of vulnerability reveals something deeper about human capacity and capability, as well as where it’s source originates. Are you curious? You can always challenge yourself with more kind acts, demonstrating kindness when you might otherwise walk away. Challenge yourself to bear your inner fears and vulnerabilities with trusted loved ones, and practice transparancy in life. You’ll begin to see.

Remember, it is only cowards that hide behind their own fear. Fear drives the worst kind of behaviour in humanity. You are the light – Remove the fear.





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