Truest Challenge

To truly love.

Repeat it, carefully and slowly. Let it sink in. No, really, stop reading for a second and just let the phrase, “To truly love,” really seep into your senses. I want you to feel it and its’ ramifications.

What I noticed as I contemplated the phrase in its’ enormity, was an expanded energy toward embracing every aspect of what exists, both good or bad, without judgement, only pure love and acceptance. Ouch! So, yes, I did notice the expansion sense of this idea, and I also noticed that when it extended to areas that create a sense of uncomfortable vulnerability, I pull back.

To truly love.

Your life no longer holds the same importance for you. It hasn’t become anything less either. Instead, your ability to embrace, love, accept and understand for all that exists, so also does your relationship to everything. This is magical, and holds consequences of merit. To simplify, as an example, I could suggest that we become less petty. I know it sounds shitty, and yet, somehow it holds some truth. I can be rather petty at times. And really, what did I ever gain from my pettiness? Where on the other hand, I have been generous with discernment and life’s rewards have multiplied.

There may not be a simple equation; the human experience is far too volatile at times. However, the positive experiences we create from within our own emotional power generates tremendous opportunities for health, well-being, clear-thinking, solutions, meeting the right people, and accessing dreams, desires, and goals far more effortlessly. Even in observing the experience of a bad mood versus a good mood, it is clearly recognized which is preferred and beneficial.

Shits gonna happen. Lots has happened to me. I’ve been a cynic, a sourpuss, suspicious, and paranoid. Yet, throughout it all I was plagued with memories of positive personal experiences. I neglected to utilize their power early in the game. Let it all out, get there quicker, and avoid the mistake I made. There is still a lot of Life to Live.

God Bless You All


  1. Anjali Avatar

    Suffering is always optional….haha.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    Love and hugs

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