Too Right, Rotten Sod

Dirty, low-down, rotten sod I am
every so often, some days more often
than not, I need added spice to feel
refreshed, alive, and powerful,
pampered, preened, and cockatoo,
I am a man, and a boy, sometimes
even want to be your toy,
slip-sliding away upon your fantasy
life risks nothing to demise little lies,
parading a masquerade moment-to-moment,
ahhhh, the sweet sigh a climax too right,
you see, she sighs, infused as one so tight,
the grip upon a dream for reality, prickly
it drew blood inside the pounding fist,
demanding equality to fight for life!
No difference, no how, no way;
all are equal in the face of death,
the outcome always the same.
Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, too,
these heroes of tales, bravado, even fear,
the Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, wants to
go a bridge too far in a place called Madison County.

by Lee Down  © 2010






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