There is Love in this House

Wow! It’s after 10pm and I’m just getting around to write a blog-entry. I made a commitment just the other day that I’d endeavour to have something written everyday.

After such a long and busy day, it can be difficult to find inspiration to write. No? Yes. Well, sort of. You see, the first thing I did was check my email, my longest standing blog, and my latest fun-craze, Facebook. This amazing phenomena based upon the internet is creating wonderful exchanges of ideas, progress, friendships, and even peace. I love connecting to some of the folks in these communities. We get to play and express creativity, and today’s Facebook stories were a great example of that. One of them actually came out making perfect sense. And none of this makes sense to you.

I’m baby-sitting a dog for a few days for a friend. Tonight I decided to sneak the dog in to spend the night. These last few days have been action-packed, and the next three weeks promise more of the same. So bringing the dog home gives me a better opportunity to relax, rest, and recover and keep my energy levels. Now, what many of you may not realize is I have a cat. Ironically, his name is Dawg. He’s cool like that.

Well, as I said, “Love lives in this house.”

There is no doubt about it. I come in with the beautiful canine girl, who coincidentally has an absolutely incredible personality and intelligence, and there is Dawg flopped in the entry. My canine sweetie isn’t quite sure what to make of all this, and she’s curious. Sniff forward, falter back, and Dawg gets up and saunters into the living room to splay himself more fully.

I come in and stroke his belly as he stretches himself out. Dawg is no lightweight, and yet in his fitness he is deceivingly heavy-weighted in comparison to his appearance.  He lounges there, unperturbed, until the clumsy oaf-like dog-play pushes him up off the floor to wander under the table, out of harms way. Miss Snoop Dogg, however, is more curious than the cat that was killed, and she whines, whimpers, and groans begging Dawg to come play.

Dawg, the sinister tease that he is, plays the aloof Greaser, eyeing the crowd from the fringes. Sauntering across the living room, skirting the edges, he teases the inner-crowd that cries after him to join them. Missy tries desperately to get closer, and Dawg leaps and trots wherever he wants to go, leaving Missy to pine after him.

Yes, love lives in this house.  Laughing Out Loud


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